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Jennifer Depencier

Artist directory :: Jennifer Depencier

My paintings reflect the beauty I see in everyday life from a wilting Sunflower to the urban landscapes of the community I live in.

Jennifer Depencier


Jennifer Depencier 
Jennifer’s love of art was fostered at a young age while growing up in the northern town of Sudbury Ontario. It was here that she was given the freedom to explore the nature of the area and its bountiful lakes and forests. She has worked with many different mediums but has favoured acrylic in recent years. Although she loves painting landscapes and still life, she has recently discovered her passion for painting urban landscapes, in particular the village of Hespeler where she and her family have lived for the past fifteen years. Whether it’s a wilting sunflower, fallen leaves or an abandoned factory, Jennifer feels the need to capture the essence of the space on canvas. Her work has been in various solo, juried &group shows and at galleries in...


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Cambridge, ON


Urban Landscapes Most of these paintings have been inspired from my morning walks with my faithful dog Abbie or photo outings with good friends who enjoy the Urban landscape in the Waterloo Region.
Landscapes Nature will always inspire me and was the first subject I ever painted. Urban landscape may have captured my heart but landscape painting will always be my first love that I will always go back to visit.
Still Life 11 items
New Work I love when I connect with the urban landscape and see something again for the first time.
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