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Presenting the Beauty of Central Oregon

Artist directory :: Presenting the Beauty of Central Oregon

photography by central oregon photographer Jill Tucker

Presenting the Beauty of Central Oregon


Jill Tucker Photography 
A B O U T J I L L L. T U C K E R Jill Lynn Tucker arrived in Central Oregon in June 2011 with six cats packed into a Honda CRV. It was a journey to remember . . . Since retiring from being an Adult Education teacher and Adjunct Community College Instructor, Jill has been enjoying her time in Central Oregon. Jill spends her days reading, taking care of her own and the neighborhood's cats, feeding birds, working as a volunteer and, most importantly, taking photographs. Having taken up the camera after she retired, Jill has become a talented photographer with a unique vision of her own. Jill exhibits her photographs throughout Central Oregon. For more details about where you can see Jill Tucker's photographs, click on her "Exhibitions "page.


BRIDGES 18 items
CATS 27 items
GHOST TOWNS 30 items
SKIES & SUNSETS 38 items
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