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Joseph M. Van Kerkhove

Artist directory :: Joseph M. Van Kerkhove

Printmaking and Ceramics by Toledo, OH artist Joe VanKerkhove

Joseph M. Van Kerkhove


Joseph M. Van Kerkhove 
I am an experimental printmaker and ceramic artist with unconventional methods. By editing, slicing and reassembling the prints and elements I create new images. In my art making I am discovering a visual language that includes objects, surface and color. A common object like the screw is something that is often disregarded. I use its traditional formal quality along with its endless conceptual interpretations to contrast process with idea. I juxtapose objects and imagery to make the work more quizzical, evocative and contemplative. The use of color in my work allows me to communicate with the viewer emotionally. I do not create work with one particular conceptual interpretation in mind, but rather I feel that the combination of objects and imagery...


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Toledo, OH 43623
United States


Plaster Prints 24 items
Works On Paper 52 items
Monotypes 42 items
Paintings 12 items
Max Van Kerkhove Art I hope you enjoy my artwork!
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