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Jolyn Wells-Moran

Artist directory :: Jolyn Wells-Moran

I believe that my most interesting work is produced when I focus on trying to capture the spirit of nature through emotional expression. I tend to paint landscapes and still lifes, primarily, and usually in oils.

Jolyn Wells-Moran


Jolyn Wells-Moran 
Artist Statement/Bio Jolyn Wells-Moran says that thinks of her practice "as an effort to capture the spirit of nature." Jolyn Wells-Moran is a plein air and studio painter who loves landscape and still life painting in oils and acrylics. She studied at the Institute for American Universities, School of Drawing and Painting, Aix-en-Provence, France; Gage Academy of Fine Art , Seattle, WA; and with many well-known masters. She has shown her work in galleries and other juried venues for the past 10 years. She says her motivation is to share the beauty of nature in ways that elevate beyond a cursory glance to appreciation, and encourage the human capacity for each of us to see art in the natural world. Wells-Moran admits loving the process of painting...


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