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Karen Bell & Great Silkie Women and Music Design

Artist directory :: Karen Bell & Great Silkie Women and Music Design

Unique figurative designs capture the interior world of women as creative muse My fiber arts involve wax resist on linen, painting and dyeing, silk screening, discharge, stamping and drawing, with machine quilting and sewing.

Karen Bell & Great Silkie Women and Music Design


Karen A Bell 
My art began with drawing as a child and drawing is still the basis for my art today. It is expressed in my watercolors, tee shirt designs, graphics, fiber art and my card line. I earned a BFA in painting from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, but soon after graduation began weaving. I worked as a weaver, then a fabric painter, taught myself how to make silkscreens and began my tee shirt design company The Great Silkie in Sonoma County, CA in 1987. Wanting to express myself more as a fine artist I began drawing with hot wax [batik or wax writing] on large pieces of fabric and painting in the colors. Early on in my art career I began playing banjo and autoharp and performing old time music. I moved to the Asheville, NC area because of the rich musical...


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Canton, NC 28716
United States


Artwork on Quality Blank Cards Blank 5 X 7 cards printed and suitable for framing. All images are from my watercolors and fiber art. Four cards of your choice for $15.00 Free Shipping
The Great Silkie Tee Shirt Designs Tee shirt designs for festivals, music camps, theater, catalogs, bands and organizations. I have used a variety of techniques for printing. Many have been hand screened with water based inks in my studio, some have been commercially printed or silk screened.
Black & White Graphics Designs were used as a one color print on tee shirts. Some were printed on white tees and hand painted with textile inks.
Watercolors Improvisational drawings with pen, ink and watercolor Without mat or frame Free shipping with cardboard back &clear protector cover


Walker Creek Music Camp 2020
Silkscreen on tees

Winter Workshops in my studio
Making fiber art in my North Carolina Mountain Studio

Fiber Art/Batik workshops in my studio 2015
I was amazed and delighted at the variety and creative work from these musician friends who came to my studio to try something totally new! Drawing their ideas with hot wax onto cotton/linen and painting with mixed dyes.

Woman with Guitar
Next to this image is the under image which results from waxing the piece and painting it with another fabric under to hold the paint. I call this the shroud painting.

Some recent work
I have been sewing a lot this summer . Things that were created in the cooler weather come together when it is warm in my studio and I can spread out my fabric.

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