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katnaj Artworks *Colors in Harmony*

Artist directory :: katnaj Artworks *Colors in Harmony*

Felt Ink Pen exhibit

Felt Ink Pens/miniature and small size Art Felt Ink pens (Sharpies) are easy to travel around with and I started to make miniature, small pictures and designs. This medium got me away from my easel for awhile and is faster when applying color. Colors are vibrant and there are many techniques.


Kathlynn najera 
My Website is named Katnaj short for Kathy Najera. As a child I was a nature lover.. I found myself walking in paths and observing nature. I lived near the Gulf in Florida and was awed by many things when i was young. Seeing a lobster in the clear water. Also a chameleon changing from brown to green right at my feet. Seeing a deer with huge antlers.. Even though I only lived there a couple of years I remember Florida as one of the most beautiful places. My family relocated as is they case with the Military life to the Northeast. I am used to the 4 changing seasons. I have a son who is grown that also resides in the Eastern states. Most of my travels in my adult years have also been in the East but I have visited Western states. I have spent much of...


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United States


Acrylic Paintings Colorful creations Landscapes Still life I like Acrylics because of its water solubility and quick drying time. Quick drying time can be useful. Acrylic paint can be thinned for washes or have a heavy body for texture and an impasto effect.
Pastel paintings Colorful Landscapes Still Life Florals I began with Dry Pastels in grade school where I won an Honorable Mention award in an 8th grade Art competition. Pastel may be considered a drawing medium to some but I feel the medium is unique and does have drawing qualities. I have found through my experience with Pastel that it has 3 techniques.
Horse Creations  This gallery depicts horses that I've created with Pastel Acrylics.and Graphite pencil. Although I have not had formal instruction on horses, I've learned a few things when studying Horse Anatomy There are horses in specific areas that run free but it seems they have evolved into domesticated animals. There is so much History about Horses and so many variations.
Animals Wildlife Landscapes and Portraits in Pastel, Acrylic and Graphite Pencil I feel it's important to respect animals and wildlife. I remember in High School Art class visiting and sketching animals at the zoo. It's interesting to me to see the various animals and birds that live in different parts of the world.
Birds Tropical, Herons, Geese and small Birds Pastel and Acrylics I decided to open up a gallery just for birds as part of my series of Wildlife artwork. I observe them when in view where I have seen them close up such as BlueJays, Cardinals Sparrows and Crows. I have only seen an Owl once in the wild at a Wildlife center that had an injured wing.
Owls  This Owl Gallery depicts the various environments that Owls thrive in. My favorite ideas when painting Owls is in a Fall and Winter landscape. However, there are some Owls that live in warmer climates.
Celestial Earth Sun Moon and Stars Celestial Bodies Earth This Gallery includes paintings of the Celestial bodies in Pastel Graphite pencil and Acrylic. As I have mentioned many things about Astronomy fascinate me. This Earth gallery is about the surface of the Earth and its atmospheric surroundings as well as its place in the Solar System.
Still life/ Florals Still life/Florals Acrylics Pastels
Designs Lines Geoshapes Patterns Landscape Design I realized several years ago that many of my paintings appeared as a Design. The compositions I noticed I wanted to paint in uniform and organize the details into geometric shapes. So I began using a square flat paint brush which further produced the lines and shapes for a Design.
Abstracts Expressions in Acrylics and Pastel Colors can affect us in many ways. Whether they are blended colors or bold and contrasting, they can affect moods and emotions. When painting Abstracts certain colors on the color wheel can represent something to us since we use various colors in everyday life.
People Portraiture Faces and figures in color and form Pastel Graphite penciling Portraiture became inspiring to me when creating form with color. It led me to creating faces rather than other subjects. I am also working with Graphite Pencil and since these are people i decided to include them in this Gallery.
Handcrafted Jewelry Art Exhibit As I have mentioned in other places on this website Jewelry Design for me is an outlet for designing and creativity. It involves placement of colors, shapes, and surface textures and various materials as well as bead sizes. The beads can be placed in uniform or purposely mixed.
Pencil Drawings Drawing is and has been a fundamental skill in my development in Art. As a child I began drawing from photos in magazines tv guides and album covers that included people and animals as well as objects. I learned early on about details and shading.
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