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katnaj Artworks *Colors in Harmony*

Artist directory :: katnaj Artworks *Colors in Harmony*

Pastel / Celestial Earth

Sun Moon and Stars Celestial Bodies Earth This Gallery I started after having numerous paintings of the Celestial bodies in my Pastel gallery. This is Earth as seen as a part of the Celestial sky and as a body surrounded by the atmosphere. Although many of my landscapes include the sun as well as the sky with clouds this Gallery is about the surface of the Earth as it is in relation to our planet's place in the Solar system.


Kathlynn najera 
My Website is named Katnaj short for Kathy Najera. As a child I was a nature lover.. I found myself walking in paths and observing nature. I lived near the Gulf in Florida and was awed by many things when i was young. Seeing a lobster in the clear water. Also a chameleon changing from brown to green right at my feet. Seeing a deer with huge antlers.. Even though I only lived there a couple of years I remember Florida as one of the most beautiful places. I've lived in the East most of my life so I'm used to the 4 changing seasons. Most of my travels have also been in the East but have visited Western states as far as California. I have spent much of my time in the field of Art throughout my life. I recognized that I had an interest in Art as early as...


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United States


Pastel paintings Colorful Landscapes Still Life Florals Portraiture When using color in landscapes I take into consideration that my format is a flat piece of paper that will require varying shades of color to produce depth distance and dimension. Just as our eyes do not visualize every detail with an object in the distance color tends to fade and not seem as vibrant. So I have to use a little bit of science when creating an entire landscape.
Acrylic Paintings Colorful creations Landscapes Still life Designs
Animals Wildlife Landscapes and Portraits in Pastel, Acrylic and Graphite Pencil I feel it's important to respect animals and wildlife. I remember in High School Art class visiting and sketching animals at the zoo. It's interesting to me to see the various animals and birds that live in different parts of the world.
Birds Pastels and Acrylics Wildlife landscapes Zoo Environments Closeups and Portraiture I decided to open a gallery with Birds only. Although when painting landscapes including animals I find myself adding a bird or two for the final touch. Nothing seems to complete a landscape better than a bird in flight.
Abstracts Expressions of Life and the World
Designs Lines Geoshapes Patterns Landscape Design
Pencil Drawings  I actually started this gallery about a year ago when I realized that I was out of painting supplies and only had a set of drawing pencils. I realized how much I was able to accomplish detail drawings of animals, landscapes and still life. I feel shading with a full range of gradations of the pencil is most important when developing the form of an object.
Miscellaneous (Creative diversions) Once in a while I get an idea and divert away from painting. I use broken pottery and other materials like stone and glass to create landscapes and decorate mirrors. I used grout of various colors and put them all together to form kind of a mosaic.
Jewelry Exhibit 36 items
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