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Keith Frutiger:Artiste-at-Large

Artist directory :: Keith Frutiger:Artiste-at-Large

This inventory of paintings chronicles my present direction.I find using various materials,like silverleaf and vintage wallpaper with typical mediums like oil and acrylic paints,makes the compositions more interesting and challenging to create.

Keith  Frutiger:Artiste-at-Large


Art has played an instrumental role in my life,starting with my upbringing in the state of Minnesota.After graduating from Unversity of WI/Madision in painting in 1988, I have taken my experience to the various cities I've resided (Chicago,Miami Beach,Atlanta) and branched out into scenic production work while honing my craft as a painter. My preference for mixed media on wood has presently worked best for me and I relate to outsider art and the cutting edge naivete' of Juxapose magazine.Movements of the early twentieth century like expressionism also inspire me. Painting has always been the best way of articulation when words become too confining and literal.


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711 brownwood ave se
Atlanta, GA 30316
United States


PASSAGE 2007 mixed medium paintings depicting social commentary and/or early life experiences.
TATER CIRCUS  2006 Spinoff on today's reality television shows for couch potatoheads.
GEEGAWS  2006 These paintings were inspired as toys for the children of side shows and carnivals.
 "THE VAULT" These are pieces from the past or items not sold from smaller series of mine.
Not-so-New WORK Scaling down in size and playing lab rat to various oil glazes over silverleaf on heavy rag paper.
 RECENT WORK 2008 New paintings in the making-inspired by current affairs and old movie titles
SALTON SERIES These paintings of corroded fountains was inspired by my visits to the Salton Sea near Palm Springs,CA,
GENRE PAINTINGS Paintings i’m making as cleared art for movie/tv rentals


March Metropolitan Home magazine
Check out the March issue of Metropolitan Home magazine.I painted a room (page90) in the featured Atlanta home designed by Jill VanTosh.This house is also featured in the current Home&Living TRENDS magazine.(vol 23 no 9)

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