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kyle braund // art

Artist directory :: kyle braund // art

original encaustic/enamel paintings on paper, board or canvas

kyle braund // art


kyle braund // art 
My paintings typically combine various media, such as encaustic, enamel, gouache and ink, with unconventional techniques and surfaces. Many works represent spontaneous unconscious expressions. They often are "accidents" that blend movement with chance, at times permitting color itself to be the subject. While some abstractions suggest a mood, most are unemotional. Finished works commonly are atonable transformations of earlier paint layers and textures that have been deliberately altered (cut/scraped/torn/bent/heated) in random fashion,thereby negating or diminishing prior formal relationships. (Inspired by color of Chagall and Franz Marc, images of Dubuffet, and action of Pollock) Current Gallery The Raining Dogs, Dadeville, Alabama Previous...


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1476 Lakeview Ridge
Dadeville, AL 36853
United States


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