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Lavone Newell-Reim, Abstract Painter,...

Artist directory :: Lavone Newell-Reim, Abstract Painter, Writer and...

Skagit Valley Fare: A Cookbook Celebrating Beauty and Bounty in the Pacific Northwest - Paperback –June 1, 1996 A Review Skagit Valley Joys -- A Cookbook Celebrates People, Place And Spirit Sep 22, 1996 John Hinterberger THE STORAGE PILE OF 1996 cookbooks is now up to about 5 feet high in the corner of the dining room, and in a couple of months we'll print the annual rundown of what's good, what's bad and what's merely recyclable. In the meantime, I was musing about another set of cookbook evaluation guidelines: Those you want for yourself; those you would wish on nobody; and those you think you'd like to give to someone you care about. For that final consideration, I picked up Lavone Newell's "Skagit Valley Fare" the other day, and found myself involved with it. Put out by Island Publishers of Anacortes ($19.95 in trade...

Skagit Valley Fare: A Cookbook

Skagit Valley Fare: A Cookbook

Skagit Valley Fare: A Cookbook Celebrating Beauty and Bounty in the Pacific Northwest - Paperback –June 1, 1996 This was one of the top ten best-sellers in the area during the 1996 holidays. Skagit Valley Fare has full-color reproductions of paintings by local artists, and poetry by local writers. The recipes are all from excellent cooks, restaurants and bed and breakfasts, and the book has a lay-flat binding which allows it to remain open on the kitchen counter without propping.


Lavone M Newell-Reim 
Lavone graduated from Western University with a BA and Masters Degree. Post Graduate work at Colorado State University, University of Washington and Oregon State University. She was a student of Kadinsky's Philosophy of Abstract Art and mentored for twenty plus years by artist, teacher, Peggy Zehring. Lavone herself became a devoted art teacher for 23 years. Lavone appreciates her college education but the degree she values most is her PHD in Life experiences which drive her paintings and life. Her exhibitions and paintings in private collections range from the Northwest to Arizona, New York, Germany, Scotland, Sweden and new Zealand.


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Lavone Newell Reim
18598 Skagit City RD
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
United States


Abstract Paintings Acrylic and mixed media on canvases
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The Barn Shows - A Living Time Capsule. This book is a living time capsule; it captures a period and place to tell the stories of a community of artists in the Skagit Valley, Washington from 1986 to 2003.The goal of the Barn Shows book is to preserve and document the first show in La Conner, WA and the seventeen years of "Barn Shows" that followed.
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