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Artist directory :: LightCircleArt



Pamela  J  Whyman 
I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t creating art. I drew constantly as a child and teen. Later, I graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in Drawing, Illustration, Painting and Art History. I specialize in Portraiture, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Digital Art and Art Instruction (Classic Atelier Drawing, Portraiture, Design Principles, Color Theory and Cartooning). Through the years, I’ve worked as a Comissioned Portrait Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Instructor. My art has been shown in various galleries in the Pacific Northwest and is in private collections in WA, OH, KY, TX, RI, GA, AZ, CA, TN, SC and NY. Creating is an expression of my spirit because as an artist I create not only with my hand, but with my...


Drawings Professional Light Fast Colored Pencils on Archival Stonehenge or Strathmore. (Life-Size to 3 times Life-size).
Digital Paintings Digital Paintings created in Photoshop CS2 with a Intuos Wacom Tablet &Pen
Paintings Acrylics on Stretched Canvas (1/2 Life-Size to 3 times Life Size) or on Cotton Denim (1/4 to 1/2 Life Size)
Mixed Media Watercolor, Colored Pencils and Graphite on Archival Stonehenge or on Archival Stonehenge permanently adhered to Stretched Canvas or on Cradled Gessobord Panel. (Life-size or 3/4 Life-size).
Sketchbook Colored Pencil Sketches
ArtWear Hand Painted Wearable Art. Acrylics on Denim Jeans and Jackets.
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