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Chinese Antique Art Studio in Seattle (Lily Chang)

Artist directory :: Chinese Antique Art Studio in Seattle (Lily Chang)

Lily works primarily with glue tempera on silk which requires a special technique of applying the color pigment with glue onto stretched silk; she has also created images in various formats and media including acrylic painting, ink on rice paper & prints.

Chinese Antique Art Studio in Seattle (Lily Chang)


Lily Chang 
My overall goal with each new painting is to utilize concepts taken from Chinese elaborate painting, western art techniques and Tibetan Buddhist themes and blend them together into a single image. This blend of styles combined with the technique of painting on silk has allowed me to create highly detailed and vibrant images that require a great deal of time and specialized methods to make but are worth every bit of effort when finally completed. My hope is that my artwork may express the beauty and majesty of Eastern Buddhist art culture to Western audiences, and that those who appreciate my paintings may receive as much good fortune from the Buddha as I have for making them.


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25 E Beech St.
Everett, WA 98203
United States


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