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Lynn Graves Gulyash Fine Art

Artist directory :: Lynn Graves Gulyash Fine Art

Original, impressionist landscapes and seascapes in oil

Lynn Graves Gulyash Fine Art


Lynn Graves Gulyash 
"I love to walk in nature and observe the constantly changing world of sky, land and water. I paint from senses and memory and photos I take. The shapes and colors, light and shadow, stillness and movement thrill me; I want to paint that ." I grew up playing in the vineyards and hills of the Ukiah Valley, northern California. Though I attended Mendocino College, U.C. Santa Barbara, and Santa Rosa Junior College, I never took an art class. I have been a home health aide, a waitress, a ranch hand, a veterinary assistant, a seamstress, and a dental hygienist. I am now a carpenter's helper- and an artist. I have always had a creative outlet. I have enjoyed playing music (piano and clarinet), graphite and colored pencil drawing, and I have been a...


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11501 Mid Mountain Rd.
Potter Valley, CA 95469
United States

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Figurative/Collage/Surreal My newer, more exploratory artwork
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