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Marion Mettler Art Works

Artist directory :: Marion Mettler Art Works

Paintings and drawings in watermedia and mixed media

Marion Mettler Art Works


Marion Mettler 
Layers, Fragments, and Shapes Art has been important to me most of my life, starting with early drawings, through college classes and art history, to workshops and studio drawing and painting sessions today. The figure, with its infinite variety, fascinates me, as does abstract and nonobjective work with its emphasis on the pure elements of design. Recently, my focus has been to use the figure abstractly, to blend figurative and abstract elements and subordinate the subject to design, shape, color. This merging of subject and means alludes to the disparate layers, fragments, and hidden shards of thought and memory that are part of the make up of an individual. Using a variety of media (pastel, watermedia/watercolor, monotype, charcoal,...


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La Jolla, CA 92037
United States


Nonobjective Images Work using watermedia and a variety of mixed media. The "Ancestral Palimpsest" Series makes use of the DNA letters all human beings share to represent language and inheritance.
Figurative Images Work in watermedia and mixed media focusing on the figure.
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