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Mark & Marcus Ellinger/Glass Quest Hand Blown Art...

Artist directory :: Mark & Marcus Ellinger/Glass Quest Hand Blown Art Glass...

#11202306 MED float $50

#11202306 MED float $50

Glass Quest Studio floats

Hand blown Glass Quest studio glass floats. Available in three sizes. SM - $50 MED - $60 LG - $70


Glass Quest 
Mark A. Ellinger , A native of Puget Sound, Washington, Mark started blowing glass in 1983 &served as the Artistic director, Production Mgr, &Head glass blower for a well respected Pacific Northwest glassblowing studio for 15 years. In 1998 Mark built and founded "Glass Quest "in rural Stanwood, Washington. Mark's son Marcus Ellinger is now blowing glass with Mark and has been blowing glass at Glass Quest since 2008 Father and son team up and feed off each others creativity and are creating new works. Mr. Ellinger has won numerous awards for his innovative uses of color &form, which developed from his love of the Art Nouveau period and the natural surroundings of the Puget sound. His pieces grace both individual and corporate collections around the...


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31808 W. LK. Ketchum RD.
Stanwood, WA 98292
United States


Tiffany Window Floats One of a kind Tiffany window floats. Hand made blown glass floats designed after a classic stained glass Tiffany window.
FLOWER FLOATS Hand blown glass one of a kind flower floats are great for bringing a custom look and style to any home or yard. We have a couple stand options for flower floats $5 for the stand in the picture or $15 for a yard stake stand that elevates the float 12'' off the ground.
Acorns Hand Blown Glass Acorns in different colors, Copper hand crafted Stands are available for them and some have crafted stands that are for an individual acorn only.
ANGELS Hand Blown Glass Angels
BOWLS 14 items
BEES & BUGS Hand blown glass one of a kind bugs are great for the garden, flower bed, or flower pot. Each dragonfly, bee or other bug comes with all the necessary steel rod or mounting hardware.
BUTTERFLIES HANGING & ON RODS Hand blown glass one of a kind hanging butterflies are great for adding some color and magic inside or outside.
CATTAILS Hand blown glass one of a kind cattails are great for the garden, flower bed, or flower pot. Each cattail comes with the necessary steel rod or mounting hardware.
CROWS & BIRDS every hand blown crow is one of a kind freestanding or mounted to a structure
DRAGONS glass blown dragons yard stake yard art one of a kind
DRINKING GLASSES & MUGS Hand blown glass one of a kind drinking glasses, goblets, and flutes are perfect for adding some fancy to any beverage. WARNING do not use with hot beverages.
FLOWERS Hand blown glass one of a kind flowers are great for the garden, flower bed, or flower pot. All flowers come with all the necessary steel rod or mounting hardware.
Garden Sculpture Garden Sculpture
GNOMES hand blown glass garden gnomes
JARS glassblown jars cork glass lids. Blown glass jars. Handmade glass jars.
Marbles Hand made blown soft glass marbles glass marble glass blown marbles one of a kind collector
MUSHROOMS Hand blown glass mushrooms,for the garden or potting containers.
ORNAMENTS blown glass ornaments Christmas ornaments icicles
OWLS 6 items
PENGUINS 3 items
PUMPKINS blown glass pumpkins handmade blownglass glas blowing art
Santa's blown glass Santa handmade glass santa
SEA CREATURES Hand blown glass one of a kind fish are great for bringing a custom look and sea life style to any home.
SHELLS 16 items
SNOWMEN 5 items
Wizards one of a kind blown glass wizard. Glassblowing wizards have glow in the dark accessories.
Lamps Table Lamps
Light shades Hanging Light Shades for Home, Office, Business
Art Glass Floats Modern Art Glass floats, for home, Garden &ponds. XSM-3''+ SM- 4''+ MED-5''+ LG-6''+ XLG sizes available. Made in the old world style with Modern american art designs from Glass Quest, Using one of a kind color technics created by Mark Ellinger.
Fancy Floats These Art Glass Floats are more intricate in designs. This requires additional time and care to create. Multiple colors are applied and then manipulated with great concentration &skills that have been practiced to achieve the end results.
Vases One of a kind vases
Studio & Blowing This is where it all takes Place about 75 feet from my home in this Quansa hut that I put up for the studio. It is a great space and perfect for blowing.


The Great North West Glass Quest Event 2017
Come one come all to the Great North West Glass Quest Event. Happening in Stanwood & Camano Island Businesses and Parks. You Could find a treasure of blown glass by just walking through town businesses and parks, come by the studio to,say hi, warm,up and watch us blow some glass. maybe find a glass ball at our studio !

2016 Great Northwest Glass Quest
Great Northwest Glass Quest Join us February 12th - 21st for the 7th annual Great Northwest Glass Quest at Glass Quest Studio. Look for a daily clueball in the back field behind the hotshop and turn it in for your limited 2016 event float. Glass blowing demonstrations will be taking place all day.

The Perfect Christmas Gift
snowmen Christmas penguins holidays

WinterFest is coming
WinterFest Join us December 4th, 5th &6th for the annual WinterFest at Glass Quest Studio. Lots of blown glass snowmen, ornaments, trees and cute penguins will be available to add to your collection. Glass blowing demonstrations will be taking place all day.

GardenFest rap up
Thanks everyone for making this years annual GardenFest such a success. It was great to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones. We will be in Bellevue this coming weekend at the Bellevue art in the garden show .

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