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Sabol Studios

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Custom Terrain for Wargaming

Sabol Studios


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Sabol Studios
Woodstock, GA 30189
United States


Sold Terrain A These are just some of the terrain pieces we have built for our clients. We have done numerous types of terrain over the years. We are constantly taking on new challenges in the miniature gaming community.
Sold Terrain B These are just some of the terrain pieces we have built for our clients. We have done numerous types of terrain over the years. We are constantly taking on new challenges in the miniature gaming community.
Sold Terrain C 18 items
Malifaux  These two tables had been commissioned by Wyrd Miniatures for use as demo tables at Gencon 2012 and future trade shows. Each table has a three foot square playing space and two "sideboards" for miniatures playing cards and game management.
Game Tables We build high end quality game tables for any budget. Built to your specifications. Just about any size, scale or theme. You name it and we will do it. We are all about details, and bringing your gaming experience to life!
Sold "Bushido" Table This table was commissioned to be a demo table for the game "Bushido" A Japanese fantasy and mythology skirmish game in the "Heroic 25m scale". This set of scenery features scratchbuilt buildings, bridge, rice paddies, statues, a zen garden, decks, a bamboo wall maze, an arch gate and much more.
Hordes Trollblood Village This is a set of 35(9"x9") panels of a winter themed Trollblood village for the game HORDES. This set includes hundreds of details including the following: 3 removable tree stands, 3 unique buildings, (one of them is a lighthouse (with battery powered candlelights), a well, random trees, a throne, monoliths, magic portal, fences, frozen pond, barrels and crates, a "turn counter" primitive huts, fire pits, broken colmns and much much more! This set was built using a convient clip system of textured panels.
15mm Flames of War Terrain Flames of War is the popular 15mm WWII game. The design of these tables is modular so that the "panels of terrain" can be played in a variety of different ways always adding new enviroments to play with.
15mm Sci/Fi This is a series of 15 terrain pieces (w/ 13 removable roofs) in 15mm scale. The set of terrain was commissioned to represent an industrialized off world colony that had "discovered an alien artifact." The buildings are from "critical Mass games.
"Fallout" This is an ongoing project that features many elements form the video game series"Fallout". All of the 28mm scale structures had been built by the client and all painting done by Sabol Studios. Most of the buildings feature removable roofs and detailed interiors.
28mm Wild West This is a series of 28mm "Old Glory" Resin buildings assembled, based and painted for Warhammer The Old West, "High Noon", "Gutshot", "Malifaux" or any other wild west setting.
Redneck Utopia This is a 28mm trailer park commission project. Most of the structures are "O" scale model railroad. The swing set park bench and other items are scratchbuilt.
Warhammer 40k Terrain A My personal collection of Sci-Fi Terrain.
Ork Models & Terrain My personal favorite army: Warhammer 40k Orks!
Warhammer 40k Models Here are some select models and conversions from my personal collection.
Warhammer Fantasy Terrain My personal collection of Fantasy Terrain.
Warhammer Fantasy Models Here are some of my personal Warhammer Fantasy Models.
Warhammer Fantasy Objectives This is a series of interpretations of the various objective terrain, inspired by the rules in Warhammer Fantasy.
Gaming Landscapes Here are some photos of different landscapes, and games in progress.
The "Lunar Spear"  The "Lunar Spear" is a commission request of an "Eberon" D&D vessel. This ship was crafted form an exotic floating wood and powered by a captured air elemental. Weapons systems are powered by a captured Fire Elemental.
The General Staff  This is a selection of pictures of Sabol Studios, our models and our gaming club "The General Staff". We have turned the office into a "Nerdvana" We now have room for seven gaming tables. A Cafeteria with a Hotdog machine, grill, slushy maker, coffee maker, cotton candy maker, TV, fully stocked fridge, and thousands of models.
Sabol Designs Our sister site Sabol Designs. Home of ARMYTRANPORT brand products. "The World's leader in miniature figure transport and storage for over 11 years!"
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