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Life Dances Art Gallery

Artist directory :: Life Dances Art Gallery

Art Print Pendant Necklace of "Dragonflies" shellscape painting by Christine Matzke Wire wrapped Rainbow Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, and Larimar Blue Agate beads accent the colors in this art print pendant. Lapis Lazuli, Golden Wood Jasper, and Charoite chip beads are interspersed with silver plated chain. **High quality reproduction of a hand painted image, set into a pendant measuring 1 inch round (25.4mm) and is created using a deep (3mm) silver tone bezel. **Artwork is covered by a very durable high gloss epoxy resin which both protects and enhances the image. **Hangs 12 inches ***Design and Art is Copyright 2001 Christine Matzke. All rights reserved.

Dragonflies Gemstone Necklace

Jewelry Store

Hand crafted jewelry store. Purchase original jewelry pieces by Christine Matzke, Selection includes Fine Art print pendants, gemstone wire wrap jewelry and hand painted miniature pendants.


Christine Matzke 
Contemporary abstract artist, Christine Matzke was raised in New Orleans where her father worked as an artist and musician. Her formative years immersed her in the creative community of artists working, on Jackson Square in the French Quarter. Art and creativity as an essential component of life was first developed for Matzke during these years, and continues into the present. While art was very intrinsically a part of her life, a passion for dance took prominence as the artist’s main creative outlet for many years. She devoted herself to studying classical ballet. During this time, under the tutelage of Harvey Hysell, and Vincenzo Celli, she received extensive training in the Cecchetti method. She has performed with the New Orleans City Ballet,...


Artwork 17 items
Nature Paintings inspired by Nature.
Musical Inspiration Abstract Expressions inspired by music.
Transformation Includes first series of abstract paintings.
Diffuser Jewelry Handmade Aromatherapy Lava Rock and Gemstone Diffuser Jewelry
Jewelry Design Portfolio Gallery of Jewelry Designs from Previous Seasons


Creative Influences
Brief reflection on experiences that influence the artists' creative process.

Life Dances and Dancing with Life Part 2
Inspirational story of the artists journey in life and creative impulse for gallery name. Part 2

Life Dances and Dancing with Life Part 1
Inspirational story of the artists journey in life and creative impulse for gallery name. Part 1

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