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Kathleen McHugh

Artist directory :: Kathleen McHugh

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Kathleen McHugh


Kathleen McHugh 
Kathleen McHugh is a Seattle, WA artist who was awarded her BFA from the Cornish Institute of the Arts in 1982. Her work has been selected for national and international exhibitions. Artist Statement Humanistic themes provide the inspiration for my art. Each work is a metaphor operating at a visual level in the territory of artistic expression. From the work exhibited in Brno Slovakia in 1991, which was created using the theme of “problems central to our being, human relations at the end of the 2nd millennium”, to the work, Silenced Narrative, published in Arte Euroamericano 2006, which explores the psychological and spiritual effect of the dynamics of history on the individual when history needs to silence the individual lived testimony in order to...


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Tacoma, WA 98422
United States


Canadian Rockies Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains
Mosaics Individual mosaics, and group projects
Urban Encounters Life on the streets.
Dancing With Myself A suite of paintings and woodblock prints inspired by an imaginary conversation with Fritz Perls
Eve 6 items
Breaking Point Shifting identities and relationships in North and South Hemispheres
Works In Progress 12 4'x8' mural panels for King County CSO Control Program - Through Nature Consortium Lowman Beach October 2012
Primary Friends (Color Theory for children) Art curriculum materials: Primary Friends portfolio link Primary Friends covers all the basics of color theory for very young children. It is written using sing song rhymes because hearing material presented this way reinforces the information. It is illustrated using a basic stick figure children can draw: when seeing illustrations, they can imagine themselves making art.
Artistamps 11 items
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