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Melissa Blue Fine Art

Artist directory :: Melissa Blue Fine Art

Very late in the season at the bog, the tamaracks are just beginning to turn golden yellow and the blue of the sky and open water deepens. It is so beautiful and still! 12x16" canvas with wide, gallery wrap edges painted black.

Volo Bog


Discover the landscapes of the upper midwest, rich with subtle beauty in every season.


Melissa Blue Fine Art 
Melissa has devoted many years to honing her craft, capturing the beauty she finds in the natural world. Her work is informed by a degree in biology as well as many hours in the field, studying how plants and creatures form communities. She is particularly drawn to the connections she finds~plants to geology, insects to plants. "I always knew I was meant to be an artist, but when I started monitoring butterflies at Illinois Beach State Park, I knew I'd found my subject." ~Melissa


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Lake County
Illinois 60030
United States


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