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Melissa Blue Fine Art

Artist directory :: Melissa Blue Fine Art

In a wonderful remnant patch of undisturbed prairie grow these amazing yellow lady slippers. I was so thrilled to get to see them. 9x12"canvas, with wide gallery edges painted black, wired and ready to hang. Archival materials assure you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Yellow Ladyslippers

Nature Paintings


Melissa Blue Fine Art 
Melissa has devoted many years to honing her craft, capturing the beauty she finds in the natural world. Her work is informed by a degree in biology as well as many hours in the field, studying how plants and creatures form communities. She is particularly drawn to the connections she finds~plants to geology, insects to plants. "I always knew I was meant to be an artist, but when I started monitoring butterflies at Illinois Beach State Park, I knew I'd found my subject." ~Melissa


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Lake County
Illinois 60030
United States


Landscapes Discover the landscapes of the upper midwest, rich with subtle beauty in every season.
Horse and Garden Although my primary focus is on the natural world, and seeking to highlight the unique beauty to be found where I live, I also love horses and gardens so once in awhile I will paint from these inspirations as well.
Whimsical 4 items
Commissions Occasionally I have agreed to do a commission for someone, if our visions are in sympathy with each other. Here you can see some of those projects.


Walking the Dune Trail
Back when I wrote a blog on Wordpress, back when life was simpler, I had no trouble figuring out what to talk about. Only small things seemed to happen, and I seemed to have no end of words. Now, though, it feels like really big things are on my mind and I have been having a very difficult time finding words to express my thoughts.

Fen Thistle
Every so often I accept a commission, and when it is from my good friend Linda I know it will be a cool one. This one is Cirsium muticum, or fen thistle.

Reed-Turner Ravine
One of the places I love to go is the Reed-Turner Nature Preserve in Long Grove. This lovely preserve boasts a hilly trail that leads you from the bottom, where you can watch the damselflies dance over the water of a stream, up to the top where you can look out over the trees and get an elevated view of that stream. Along the way are some nice specimens of woodland plants that I don't see just everywhere, like baneberry, white trilliums, and even a mermaid's tail or two.

Driven to Abstraction
I've been creating representational paintings of the natural world for many years now. It is what people who know my work have come to expect. Lately though, my soul has been crying out for a change.

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