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Mitch Caster Fine Artist

Artist directory :: Mitch Caster Fine Artist

Birds and Wildlife Paintings

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Mitch Caster 
For as long as he can remember, Mitch Caster has been drawing and painting -- capturing the essence of the good that is around him. While he paints a wide variety of subjects, one of his specialties over the years has been dance. He has worked with the Colorado Ballet since 1994, and was recently honored to have his paintings featured at Lincoln Center in New York City, in celebration of the New York City Ballet’s 50th Anniversary. He also paints Flamenco, Native American, Latino, and other dance forms. Mitch also paints the human form in all walks of life, whether it’s a mother and child on a street in Spain, or a lotus gardener in China. He also paints still life, landscapes, cityscapes, and old buildings -- from the crumbling structures of Venice,...


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Dance Paintings Click image to see full dimensions.
Healing Arts - Fundraiser for Parker Adventist Hospital These paintings are all 20% off to help support the Healing Arts Program. They are on display until July 6th at Parker Adventist Hospital.
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