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Sandie Terry's Fine Art

Artist directory :: Sandie Terry's Fine Art

Pastel artist in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I love doing portraits, landscapes and wildlife leveraging the colors and textures attainable with pastels.

Sandie Terry's Fine Art


Sandie Terry 
Art is my passion since I was a small child. Unfortunately my education and career was focused on information technology and I am mostly self-taught when it comes to my art. I have read many books, watched a lot of videos and have the great pleasure to attend a few workshops with master pastellists. My desire with art is to convey the beauty I see in nature, animals and people in a way that captures the emotion of life. I began by drawing with charcoal and graphite, then colored pencils -- mostly portraits. I found my medium in soft pastels in 2007 and I continue to refine my techniques to capture light, shadows and color. Thanks for taking a look at my work and please don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me. Awards: 2010: "Rylan's...


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United States


Landscapes and other Landscapes and things I find interesting to paint.
Wildlife We typically only experience quick glimpses of wildlife. I enjoy spending time studying wildlife and hours painting them and really having time to view all their beautiful details.
Portraits Portraits are tough as you have to capture the personality. I’ve been fortunate to complete several I am proud of and my last portrait was of my Mom and Dad brings me such joy every time I look at it.
Pet Portraits I spent a good while painting pets which is always a joy to please the pet owners.
Still Lifes Florals and other still life paintings
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