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Tricia Gray's Natural Fine Art

Artist directory :: Tricia Gray's Natural Fine Art

Fine art expressing the astonishing beauty of the world around us.

Tricia Gray's Natural Fine Art


Tricia Gray 
Natural Fine Art represents a life time of study, admiration and rendering of the world around us. Over 40 years of drawing, praying and painting demonstrated in the images from wondrous life, home and abroad! E mail:


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140 E. Stetson Ave #393
Hemet, CA 92543
United States


Artwork 17 items
What Customers love and have purchased! Often times art buyers like to view what has sold. This gallery shows a broad range of past and recent sales. Enjoy!
Gallery II Continuing diverse artwork
Gallery III Paintings sold and available....watercolor, acrylic and pencil.....Enjoy!
Florals and Botanicals A diverse group of representational work and botanicals with flowers and plants as subjects. Enjoy...
Inspired by Tribal creations Paintings created with spiritual guidanc
Of Land and Sea Feast your eyes on delicate and passionate land and sea scapes for home and office....
Fantastical Feline Mini Paintings Each of these works are Fine limited Prints on heavy card stock and will be matted and framed. There are only 12 of each available. An Explaination comes with each print.
Windows To Heaven Unusual interpetations of and Inspirational subjects for prayer and meditation...
The Enigma of Swans One of the most beautiful and engaging of God's Creations, this gallery gathers them into one area to tantalize the mind into seeing with new perspectives.
Defining A Sense of Wonder Samples of wor that provoke a grasp of wonder. Whether it stems from color, form or the delineation of space that draws the eyes and spirit, these works have had unusual responses from my audiance.
Secrets! A Gallery dedicated to unveilng some of the methods and mind-storming to create new work!
Wanderings... Some times you just desire to paint something out of step with your normal...This is where you will find those "wanderings
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