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Norman Kearsley Oil Painting

Artist directory :: Norman Kearsley Oil Painting

My goal has been, and still is, to produce paintings that freeze in time the memories of beautiful places that I have visited. Subsequently the vast majority of my landscapes have been produced using the "Plein-air" technique.

Norman Kearsley Oil Painting


Norman Kearsley 
I was born, raised and educated in the north of England and immigrated to North America in 1967. Living briefly in Canada for one year before moving to the USA. I retired from an engineering career in 1999 and began oil painting in 2000. My initial exposure to painting had been as a senior in high school. However, due to pressure from a parent, who was reluctant to support any starving artist, an invitation to attend art school was rejected in favor of an engineering college. Having a preference to paint landscapes, many of my paintings have been created on site using the "Plein-air" technique. I am presently an active member of the Stanwood Camano Arts Guild and the Stanwood Camano Roaming Artists in Washington State. Please consider making an...


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4115- 300th Street NW
Stanwood, WA 98292
United States


Plein-air paintings This gallery is dedicated to paintings that I have created using the "Plein-air" technique. I predominantly work in oils but have ventured into the use of acrylics from time to time. Due to the limited time available when painting outdoors the majority of paintings generated in this category are 12" x 16" or smaller.. Prices quoted are for the canvas only and does not include any state taxes that may be due.
Studio Paintings These paintings have been created in the art studio using field sketches and combinations of photographs. Some are enlargements produced from previously created small "Plein-air" paintings. Prices quoted are for the canvas only and does not include any state taxes that may be due.
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