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Pamela Cole/QueeniesArt Gallery

Artist directory :: Pamela Cole/QueeniesArt Gallery

Art made during a very inspiring and tumultuous love affair ending in the death of my partner of a rare and incurable disease. Every piece created has a life and story of it's own filled with various emotions Now rebuilding my life by creating new art.

Pamela Cole/QueeniesArt Gallery


Pamela Cole 
Pam Cole seeks to spread delight through art. Her bold and colorful images are almost contagious—triggering instinctive emotions while continually challenging the viewer to look beyond traditional symbols. Dedicated to self-expression, Cole uses innovative patterns to tell visual stories, synthesizing imagination and reality into semi-conceptual pieces that challenge both the eye and the mind. Influenced by twentieth-century titans Jackson Pollock and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pam has nevertheless developed her own distinct brand of abstraction. From collage to paint, her serene yet chaotic body of work channels the highest highs and lowest lows of life. With the use of new techniques, Pam's most recent work, “Season Series, Pure Series,” showcases an...


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1300 Lombard St
Suite 210
Philadelphia, PA 19147
United States


Love Made Visible  Love made Visible 2002--2006 the1st visual story as a result of my tumultuous love affair which has now become a book to be published.
Time Passes -New Images Appear  The 2nd visual story: Time Passes New Creations have arrived. Paintings showing the Pure Pleasure I have expressing my new emotions using various colorful mixed media.
Cole's Calendar Creations  I have used various images to create a calendar for 2012. You too can create your own personal calendar.
Queenie's Love Poems  When you are so in love words flow freely!
Greeting Cards My greeting cards are written for many of us who just can not find the words to express our feelings along with an image of art which can be framed.
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