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Ryuhei Rex Yuasa

Artist directory :: Ryuhei Rex Yuasa

Ryuhei Rex Yuasa, 湯浅龍平, is a contemporary artist based in San Diego, CA. He is represented by William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, RB Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA and Gallery KAZE, Osaka, Japan.

Ryuhei Rex Yuasa


Ryuhei Rex Yuasa 
Artist Statement My approach focuses on creating an experiential work for the viewers to realize visual stimulation just like that of Italian Baroque in terms of spatial depth, dynamism, sensuous richness, drama and vitality. In addition, my research and investigation in painting cover critique of painting and its pictorial presentation, based on the notion of painting being illusional and transient. I also question the boundary between pictorial presentation of philosophical prospect (abstract paintings) and philosophical assimilation of pictorial representation. Consequently, the time, environment and society that we live in influence our perception and recognition. Whether it is culturally, racially or politically biased, we certainly have different...


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San Diego, CA
United States


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