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Ruth Westra

Artist directory :: Ruth Westra

Fine art and craft.

Ruth Westra


Ruth Westra 
Ruth Westra is a Camano Island artist and native Washingtonian. Experience as adventure traveler, photographer, woodworker, program analyst, painter, potter and more, has given her the tools to create her current art form. Her art education includes a side-tracked university art major but has been mainly workshops taken in search of her strengths and focus as an artist. Westra is currently focused mainly on her ceramic work of photography on ceramic, Spirit Rattles and Ceremonials boxes. Her work balances the delicate and powerful. Westra has Signature status in the Northwest Watercolor Society and is a member of the National Watercolor Society, Camano Arts Association and Cascade Clay Artists. Her work has been accepted in many regional shows and...


Photography on Ceramic I hand form and glaze the tiles, fire my own photography into the glaze and hand frame each piece to create a rustic mosaic with a polished finish.
Salish Sea 4 items
The Ceremonials These ceramic boxes are inspired by various spiritual traditions including the ancient temples of Angkor and the totems of shamanism. They are hand built with marbled clay, part matte/part glossy glazed on the outside and high gloss glazed on the inside.
Spirit Rattles These butterfly balls come from a meticulous and meditative process, hand formed, drawn, carved, fired and glazed fired sometimes up to 5 times. Then they are sager fired to let the fire and combustibles do what they will with them.
Public Signs 11 items
Scenic 7 items
Madrona Series 10 items


I begin my day with a strong assertion that I choose to accept the reality of my life.

I seek to be a more true expression of my life. Today I know it is perfectly right to seek. Revelation is ever deeper and sets me free.

The Ceremonials
This is a Ceremonial box in progress. If it's successful to my vision, it'll be called "Wisdom". The forming and carving are complete and I'm babysitting a slow drying process as I work on more Spirit Rattles and Ceremonial boxes.

Denali Artist in Residence
I'm happy to have just submitted my application for the 2010 Denali Artist in Residence program. I poured my heart into it. Now to wait to see what comes of it..........and back to making things.

Ceremonial boxes
I'm currently working on a series of ceramic ceremonial boxes inspired by ancient temple ruins of Angkor.

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