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Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist

Artist directory :: Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist

Capturing your attention and creating an emotional bond with the subjects is the intent of Sallie Lynn Davis, international wildlife artist. Collectors of Davis' creations have described her art as captivating, spellbinding, breathtaking and transporting.

Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist


Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist 
Davis began her career in 1987 with pen and ink detailed renderings of wildlife. She was first published in Tide Pools , a California literary journal, that same year. Davis has studied with world renowned wildlife artists Carl Brenders, Robert Bateman, Richard Sloan, Gamini Ratnavira, John Seerey-Lester, Stephen Quiller, and the late Simon Combes of Kenya, Africa. "I intend my paintings to be more that just good art. I attempt to create a lasting image of the curiosity, intelligence and uniqueness of each, often endangered, animal. To me, that means realism without compromise and calls for total honesty in the art and complete commitment to each concept."


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Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States


New Originals This gallery is where you will find my latest work for viewing and purchase.
Originals This gallery contains original art and, when original is sold, gives you the availability of prints.
Murals Creating a sanctuary where you live in the very place you feel most at peace can become a reality. Your mural can visually and spiritually transport you to 'that' place. It would be my honor to create your 'sanctuary'.
Portraits Creating a portrait of a beloved pet, family member, wedding couple, children, anything you can imagine and want immortalized for a lifetime. If you've lost a beloved pet, having a portrait can bring their personality and image back to you and, I've been told, can truly help with the healing process. Call today for a free consultation.
Prints Giclee' prints on canvas and paper.


My new creations
Wanting to express the beauty and wonder of Northwest Washington it is my hope to create paintings that inspire the viewer to take a second look at the beauty around them.

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