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Savard Creative Design

Artist directory :: Savard Creative Design

Murals, Portraits,Tapestries, Home Decor, Children's Rooms, Theatrical Set Design, Scriptural Painting, Christmas Decorative Painting, Mirror Designs, Architectural Illustrations, School Projects and more!

Savard Creative Design


Connie Savard and family 
Connie Savard is a self-taught, 3rd generation artist who expresses her creative talent on many different surfaces and mediums. Her work can be found in residential, commercial, liturgical, theatrical and educational environments. Regarding her educational work, Connie was recognized by the Texas State Board of Education in 2006. She was a recipient of the "Heroes for Children Award" for her many art projects -- including a 68-foot long, 3-dimensional western mural -- at Lee Elementary School in Coppell, Texas, that "enhanced education and built school pride". Connie is very passionate about her work and making her client's vision a reality. Connie dedicates all of her work to the glory of God, in gratitude, for it is He alone who gives artistic ability...


Stone & Marble  30 items
Portraiture 41 items
Home Decor 28 items
School projects 15 items
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