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sherrysolowpaintings fine art in oils

Artist directory :: sherrysolowpaintings fine art in oils

20x24 oil on canvas signed

First signs of autumn


paintings in oils and watercolor (framed and matted)


Sherry Solow 
There is a creative energy that manifests itself in several forms...... We all have a need for Expression and Acceptance I have always, since a very young age, expressed my feelings through my art. It helped me find a way to communicate in my world At the age of 12, I first painted with HenryTraguba at his studio in New York where I fell in love with oil painting. I went to the H.S. of Music &Art in NYC and painted at the National Academy of Fine Art. I am basically a self taught artist, expressing myself the best way I know how. I paint in oils because I love the blending and manipulation of texture and color. The oil can appear as vibrant as acrylic or as translucent as watercolor. It's a very versitile media. I am a representational...


portraits in Oil portraits in oils on canvas (framed)
pen & ink drawings works in ink and pencil (framed and matted)
Latest works Oil paintings done since COVID-19
Photography Photographs available on paper or stretched canvas giclee
Photographic printing Size flexible range Giclee reproduction produced on paper or stretched canvas
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