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SSieben Studio, Contemporary Fine Art

Artist directory :: SSieben Studio, Contemporary Fine Art

Visual reflections on canvas and paper, produced with the finest archival pigments and "Ready to Hang"

SSieben Studio, Contemporary Fine Art


SSieben Studio 
The first artist’s statement I ever wrote contained this phrase, “trying to find myself in my art”. That is still true but I have come to believe the answer is to Keep Trying. I’ve searched with an open mind and eager paintbrush, traveled down many pathways and tried different techniques in a variety of mediums. I discovered a lot of areas that were “just not me” and moved on. That helped narrow the focus. My current path is no longer as diverse as it once was. I have managed to streamline what I do. It’s more productive, improves quality and hones my skills. The journey has become my passion. When I work at my easel I realize that this act is a form of communicating with prospective viewers, as well as a dialog with between me and my inner self....


Figurative Contemporary Nude Forms
Abstract Conceptual paintings of abstracted thoughts, visions and imaginings.
Still Life A collection of floral, food and other still life compositions
Portraits Moods and Expressions


2016 Intentions
This year I want to work in small format on paper without any subject or specific composition in mind, choose from these "studies" an inspiration for occasional works on large a large canvas. The images below are some of the first ones off the easel

First in a series of Gestural Studies
Abstract background with barely there figurative sketch

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