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Andrew Henning Martensson Unique Small Drawings...

Artist directory :: Andrew Henning Martensson Unique Small Drawings And...

my site represents the culmination of years of effort at different facets of art. While I aspire to achieve something entirely unique, and borrow from other artists and techniques, my own personality and style reflect in everything I do.

Andrew Henning Martensson Unique Small Drawings And Paintings


Andrew Henning Martensson 
My first experience in art happened at the recommendation of a friend. A class in watercolor. Even as a novice, i became excited at the possibilities, and the challenge in it. After a few "adult education classes", and much personal agony and experience, my art has become more mature. I've always taken interest in flowers, and they were my first inspiration. At first, these were in marker, but now other media is employed. I generally do art on a flat place, paper and canvas. The media includes marker, pen and paper, acrylic, watercolor, and now mixed media.


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Lynn, MA 01901
United States


Artwork 5 items
Marker flowers These were done over a two year period in the winter when everything was quiet and cozy indoors.
landscape marker drawings I love the out of doors. These were done in marker to celebrate it. Most of these are in quiet unpeopled places where it is meditative and conducive to art.
Art with texture After a long time doing art, i decided to pursue making art with texture and pursuing it for it's own sake. Here are some results.
Container Art A container, cloth, and fluid acrylics. The cloth adheres to the container using some sticky substance. I use joint compound for the purpose.


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