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St. James Imagery

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Ruby St. James 
I am an only child of a French war bride from the Normandy coast and a Virginian Veteran of WWII, born and raised in Pennsylvania. High school years spent in South Korea during the Vietnam war. Four year education in Psychology and English; no formal art training. My unique sense of femmedom is being actualized through brushwork, sketching, and photography. Acknowledgments: Chris, my art therapist, for introducing me to the medium of paint and my Maman for encouraging me to live my life by my rules and follow my bliss. Vive la femme. Exhibitions: ~CYMK @ New Wave Coffee, Logan Square February 2009 ~The Seated Story @ Galaxie, Lakeview April 2009


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Treasure Coast, FL
United States


Cemeteries It is no secret to those who know me well that I have an avid curiosity about cemeteries in general and unusual headstones and statuary in particular. I have had the opportunity to walk graveyards, sacred sites and cemeteries here and abroad to photograph and experience the serene beauty and unearthly solitude that they afford the visitor. I will add to this gallery as I continue to visit such sites.
Florida Flora & Fauna I have combined two galleries into one to showcase all those wildlife moments I've experienced here at home and on the trails in St Lucie and surrounding counties.
Intl ~ Argentina A most enjoyable and enlightening experience with Country Walkers in 2013.
Intl ~ Belize In the winter of 2011 I ventured south to escape the snow grey chill of Chicago ... to the rain forest of Belize. My locale was the eco-resort and nature preserve known as Chaa Creek on the border of Guatemala along the Macal River.
Intl ~ BC This gallery includes my second trip to BC in 2011, to Quadra Island, between mainland BC and Vancouver Island, for a "farm stay' at Bold Point. A third journey to BC in the summer of 2014 was a week-long horse ranch stay at Tsylos Lodge on Chilko Lake, 180 miles north of Vancouver.
Intl ~ Czech Republic A tour of Cesky Krumlov and a visit to Prague and Karlstejn in July 2013 after my Danube cruise
Intl ~ Ecuador First journey to South America in April 2012 and have returned twice since ~ an educational, challenging, relaxing and life-altering experience in the Andes valley of the volcanoes, Ecuador
Intl ~ England A friend and I traveled to England in May 2011. We visited Bath and Greenwich as well as a journey to Isle of Wight ~ a tradition of including an island in our itinerary. We enjoyed wonderful weather and good food and found the tube to be a model for underground public transportation.
Intl ~ France Given that my mother is French, I have been there several times: as a three-year old sailing with her by ship, as an eleven-year-old and later with a girlfriend and her in the 90s. After my father's death in 2008, I helped fulfill his desire for her to return once more to her native country. We visited Paris, took a weeklong barge tour on the Nivernais canal and spent a week in her home province, Normandie.
Intl  ~ Budapest This city was the start of the Danube cruise in July 2013. We did not have much time to visit, but toured the Buda side where we docked and Pest across the river, site of the large churches and beautiful residential and boutique neighborhoods.
Intl ~ Ireland Images from the Adventurous Wench tour of Southwest Ireland 2010 ~ my first solo journey and my first organized tour.
Intl ~ Mexico 59 items
Intl ~ Nevis/St. Kitts My warm weather mid-winter destination in 2013
Intl ~ Newfoundland One of the top ten on my bucket list .. it was a truly inspiring, relaxing, adventurous and educational journey. This province has a unique history that continues to be lived out by its people and it remains a hidden gem.
Intl ~ Ontario For many years I have been charmed and thrilled by our neighbors to the North - the Canadians. Here are images from my travel to southwestern Ontario in October 2010.
Intl ~ Ottawa It had been one year since I had traveled for leisure in 2015 and, after my first course of medical treatment, I spent another July week in Canada - Ottawa and western Quebec, a new adventure for me.
Intl ~ Quebec The last place on my Maman's bucket list was Quebec City, the French province in Canada. We spent two glorious days and nights there in June 2011. I returned in July 2015 to ride the Black Canadian horses in southern Quebec during a stay at Auberge Andromede. My riding injury from May flared on the first day of riding and it required a week's stay at a hospital.
Intl ~ the Danube In July 2013 I cruised the Danube from Budapest HUN to Vilshofen GER just after the whole of the river was opened once again to ships following the floods. AMA Waterways offers solo cabins and this trip satisfied my desire for a small ship, all-inclusive amenities and services and an optional extension to Prague. Of all of the places I visited, I will return to Prague and the CZ Republic.
Intl ~ Wales Long on my bucket list, this part of the UK did not disappoint despite a riding injury. I spent seven days and nights in May 2015 visiting the Pembrokeshire and Brecon Beacons regions.
US ~ Colorado I've had my sights set on a western US riding vacation for a few years. Not having taken a proper long break since my riding accident in May 2015, I finally chose Vista Verde Ranch in northern Colorado. Pleased to report that this is my "go to" ranch out west; already planning another visit in June.
US Florida This gallery has been updated to reflect my residence in Florida since 2016.
Florida Preserves These are images from the 16,000 acres of preservation areas purchased with $22 million through a 2001 state referendum.
US Kentucky The NATO Summit in May 2012 brought hundreds of delegates, Secret Service, the Occupy protesters and a supreme hassle for commuting, so my company on the Mag Mile closed for two days = a free vacation. It was springtime in Kentucky and I drove down to spend 5 nights at farms and inns.
US Oregon September 2010 I visited one of my "bucket list" cities on the West Coats ~ Portland. It was all and more than I expected. One full week at a downtown hotel walking and biking and taking the trolley.
US Pennsylvania My birthplace and the area I still refer to as "home" is the Cumberland and Franklin County valley.
US Washington I traveled to the San Juan Islands and Seattle in 2014, two places I had yet to visit. I was charmed by the people, the climate and culture and architecture, what they call the "North woods" type construction.
US Wyoming A week of Western riding at the Bitterroot Ranch in the summer of 2013. My own little cabin with a wood stove, big soft rustic bed and Arabians grazing outside my door every evening. Quite pleasant and relaxing.
US Vermont In September 2012 I journeyed to Waitsfield VT to ride the Icelandic horses at a farm dedicated to breeding and training. While there I enjoyed a stay at Wilder Farm Inn and treated myself to eclectic and fresh farm-to-table bistros, art galleries and drives in the country. In June 2018 I chose a different route, staying at inns into southern and eastern VT.
US Deep South I have not ventured back to the Deep South since relocating from Tennessee to Chicago in 1987, except to take my mother on a driving trip through Louisiana and Mississippi to visit New Orleans and Natchez.
US Midwest Living in Chicago since 1987, I have traveled frequently and widely throughout this region. I select the most interesting or representative photos for this gallery.
US Southwest February 2012 was spent at a ranch on the Mexican border in Sasabe AZ. A couple have worked to preserve and improve a 300 year old ranch and it made for a pleasant winter getaway. I rode every morning and afternoon ~ Western of course ~ and took walks in the evening before dinner.
Urban Exploring My membership in this Meetup didn't last long but I did have a hella good time in Gary IN at this church. Like so many Meetups, they converted to a Facebook group.
Paint Functional An eclectic collection of functional pieces of furniture hand-painted in themes or design motifs
Video 5 items


a Memorial Day to remember
After two months of milkweed and verbena gardening, I have my first known monarch hatching! Here is a photo of the chrysalis or pupa stage suspended under a leaf of my Century agave ... and the empty pupa after the monarch hatched on Memorial Day. Summer arrived and it is now seasonally hot.

Nature's babies
It's Spring on the Treasure Coast and the sandhill cranes are taking their colts (term for the immature cranes in their first year) for foraging walks. The colts sited range in age from a few weeks to 6 weeks. The colt pictured visited my pond on Good Friday and is probably just a few weeks old.

Winter season
Since October, the activities along the Treasure Coast are plentiful and varied. Theatre, art fairs, hikes in parks and preserves, bird migration and breeding, and classes ranging from painting to tai chi to sailing are offered. I am in training to become a volunteer trail assistant with the county for their seasonal nature hikes. Along with volunteering at the stables at the equine foundation, I'm participating in Audubon Society meetings and field trips.

Thanksgiving for Ruthie
One of my favorite volunteer jobs is working (and playing) at Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation "ERAF" in Palm City. This holiday I visited for a few hours of stall cleaning and paddock poop patrol. I delivered carrots and apples to the herd including two mini horses and their first mule, an owner relinquish, named Ruthie.

Birding for butterflies ...
Of the many nature hikes this autumn with Audubon and the St Lucie ERD, I have had a chance to hone my skills at cataloguing butterflies. This particular beauty, the Longtailed skipper, was captured while standing on a fire ant mound in Teague Hammock! Lesson learned ~ socks over pants next time. We recorded 56 bird species in a 3 hour hike.

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