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Stohans Showcase Modern Redwood Sculptures

Artist directory :: Stohans Showcase Modern Redwood Sculptures

Daryl Stokes has been creating an amazing array of exotic redwood furniture,abstract free form sculptures, and rustic indoor/outdoor floor fountains beginning in 1977 on Monterey's famous Cannery Row.

Stohans Showcase Modern Redwood Sculptures


Stohans Showcase 
Born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Daryl Stokes studied fine arts at the University of South Florida where he specialized in figure drawings, composite drawings and abstract expressionistic paintings. In the early 70's, Stokes began working with redwood driftwood and burls, eventually opening a studio in a historic Cannery Row warehouse on the shoreline of Monterey Bay. Stokes was immersed in the ebb and flow of nature’s energy, resulting in his unique, one-of-a-kind natural designs. His studio called “Stohans” became a Cannery Row landmark. His past works have included exotic furniture designs, decorative floor fountains and free form abstract sculptures for both residential and commercial use and have been shipped worldwide. Now in his fourth decade...


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