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Susan K Smith Photography

Artist directory :: Susan K Smith Photography

Original photographs digitally captured and computer enhanced. The essence of my work is best described as fauxtography ~ The art of supplementing original photographs with artistic expression.

Susan K Smith Photography


Susan K  Smith 
Susan was born in Detroit, Michigan and as a child accompanied her father, Patrick, to his job at General Motors Photographic. It was in the art room with her father where she was introduced to the many colors, layouts, and tools of the trade. As an adult Susan moved to San Diego, CA. Over time, she became even more fascinated with the art of imagery. Today Susan has abandoned her desk job and is pursuing her passion for photography ... following in the footsteps of her father. Taking full advantage of the new digital tools she combines multiple elements from various original images to create a vision of harmonious places from her mind's eye. The essence of her work is best described as 'fauxtography' ~ the art of supplementing original...


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San Diego, CA
United States


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