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AT Esbee

Artist directory :: AT Esbee

I'm currently creating imagined mixed-media landscapes and seascapes with acrylic, stain, tar and oil on wood panels, as well as illustrations created from hand-cut black and white papers, and various studio detritus collages.

 AT Esbee


AT Esbee 
My paintings are about capturing an eternal imagined moment. My illustrations seek to be avatars of theme.


Artwork 52 items
New Work A collection of my newer work.


Documents of Nothing: The Art of Maliheh Afnan
Documents of Nothing: The Art of Maliheh Afnan The only biographical information for Maliheh Afnan on states her name, place of birth, and the years of her time on Earth (as well as a CV with a meager handful of recent shows, as well as a few photos of her work): “Maliheh Afnan, Palestinian, 1935-2016.” ( Yet, as far as identity goes, even that small bit of information is misleading.

The Experience of Color
MFA Research Paper on Josef Albers' Interaction of Color

Looking at Looking
David Caspar Friedrich, The Sublime Experience, and the Ruckenfigur

On Constructing Themes, Imposing Structure
A pondering of how my writing and visual artwork relate to one another

Third Residency Review
Third Residency Review When I began my second semester, I promised myself to listen more to my own inner voice, taking whatever feedback I’d received into consideration, yet vowing not to swallow it whole.

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