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Thelma Triplett Art Work

Artist directory :: Thelma Triplett Art Work

Most of my work is concerned with capturing the essence of things. Some works are nature oriented, others make a social/political statement. I use a variety of media: oil, collage, watercolor, and assemblages.

Thelma Triplett Art Work


Thelma Triplett 
My intuitive style is expressed in a variety of media and explores a wide range of moods and emotions. I have lived in Richland, Washington since 2000 and am inspired by the geology of the region. I came to Richland from Columbus, Indiana which is known for its international architecture. I have had 13 one and two artists' shows and have received numerous awards and have work in numerous corporate and private collections. Publications include the Artists Archive Project Central Washington Artists 2007-2010 and Indianapolis Magazine .


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Richland, WA 99352
United States


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