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Take Art, Give Art, or Both. It's For Fun and...

Artist directory :: Take Art, Give Art, or Both. It's For Fun and For Free.

Welcome to Camano Island's first tiny free art gallery located at 196 Maple St. Here art is for fun and for free. You are welcome to take an artwork or leave a piece of original art or both! We're here for everyone who loves art and artists.

Take Art, Give Art, or Both.  It's For Fun and For Free.


Tiny Free Gallery 
How to Leave Art in the Gallery We're looking for small original works you want to share with the greater community - paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, craft work or whatever else is your original creation. Artists, this is an opportunity to share drawings, studies, sketches, samples, maquettes - anything not destined for galleries. It's also an opportunity to re-home original works from your collections. Simply come to 196 Maple St., Camano, and position your work in the gallery. If the gallery seems too full, bring your work up to the front porch and put it in the box for that purpose. We expect high turnover because of the number of walkers in the neighborhood. Share your creative vision! Donate again and again. It's for fun and it's for...


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Camano Island, WA 98282
United States


April In the Gallery Opening April 1, the gallery will be busy throughout the month. So many wonderful artists are displaying and offering work. So many interested patrons are enjoying the work as they stroll by.
Tour the Tiny Free Gallery Enjoy your absolutely free tour of the gallery. Items change throughout the day. And please do not take our mannikins, easels and bitty little dog.
Opening Day The gallery was ready and waiting for opening day. A nice crowd of neighbors and friends came together and shared art and took art.
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