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Torbett Crocker

Artist directory :: Torbett Crocker

Original oil paintings by artist Torbett Crocker. One of a kind paintings featuring rich colors and deep tones. Sophisticated themes and subject matters. Crocker studied under Anthony Antonio, Jean Woodham and Steve Holler. Auburn University.

Torbett Crocker


C Torbett Crocker 
Crocker paints oil on canvas; exciting abstracts and representationals. He is known for his choice of colors, his unique 'alive' style and sophisticated approach. His pieces are so unique and individualistic, one would not know that his works were all done by the same person. "My brush and oils direct each painting and take it over. It' s like an electric charge runs down my arm when the oil and brush touch the canvas. They create the painting, not me". Crocker has painted and drawn all his life. His first acknowledged competition and placement of his work was when he was a finalist at a national competition in New York City while only in the 7th grade. While a student at the University of Alabama Birmingham, he was selected to show at the highly...


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bridgehaven Dr Se
Smyrna, GA 30080
United States



Crocker is currently working on a childrens book in memory of his Golden Retriever.

Crocker is currently in the preliminary stages of a childrens book in memory of his Golden Retriever; Jackson the driving dog.

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