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Tucker Lenora

Artist directory :: Tucker Lenora

Portrait Illustrations

Tucker Lenora


Tucker Lenora 
My work is figurative and it often deals with sexual identities and personas. In the past I often struggled with trying to make work that explained the entire story. I am incredibly sentimental and love getting lost in the details. However when my work has been most successful it has boilded down what parts are most painful or true and laid them bare. And with less explanation the viewer is allowed to personalize and relate in a much more universal way. I have been an artist my entire life. My tools and skills have evolved and changed over the years as have my curiosities and and sincere passions. My work is inspired by my personal relationships. I find that "always delicate no matter how strong" balance between people incredibly interesting. I used to...


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Sarasota, FL
United States


Sculpture taking up
Illustrations scribbles and rigid drafts. tangles vs. rulers.
Events/// I am a firm believer in art being both an experience and a frozen visual moment. I often host or collaborate on events where the lines of performance, costume, and spotlight are blurred and the stage is removed so that the event itself is the performance. And the relationships or interactions are the spontaneous candid marks and brush strokes in our memory.
Hair & MUA Combining concepts and skill sets to create the gold.
Photography these portraits range from staged to candid. i believe there is meaning in the edge of the "mundane." But then again maybe our mundane isn't the same.
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