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Turningsmith Studios

Artist directory :: Turningsmith Studios

Welcome to The Turningsmith Studios. Maker of luxury writing instruments, custom furniture, Restoration and Conservation from the 18th and 19th century ~ Creator of simple pleasures for the home and garden from reclaimed woods.

Turningsmith Studios


Anthony Show 
I am a Craftsman and Artist that has specialized in Writing Instruments and Fine Desk Accessories since 1996. Turningsmith Studios is a synergistic blend of craft skills. Products that defy the short shelf life mentality and throw-away culture that pervades today. Goods and textural hand-feel items that you can’t stop touching ~ Warm to the hand, sensory to the smell, pleasing shapes to the eye. I received my training from Dick Sing, Frank Klausz, Garrett Hack, David Marks, Kelly Mehler and Yeung Chan. I often work in Domestic and exotic hardwoods and enjoy making intricate and finely detailed pieces that provide a quiet, elegance. My work exhibits many style influences and there is a constant search for design solutions to meet client commissions....


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