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Artist and Repertoire - read more at...

Artist directory :: Artist and Repertoire - read more at...

A perfect link to add to your daily search for auditions and news on up coming Film TV and Theatre Talent events, in the SF Bay Area. Vmedia Arts locate in SF East Bay Area - Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro Calif. http://www.vmediabackstage. 2023

Artist and Repertoire - read more at http://www.vmediabackstage.


VMEDIA - Casting PR  Film - TV - Theatre -  Live Events - SF Bay Area 
VMEDIA ARTS CASTING, FILM TV, THEATRE, BERKELEY CALIFORNIA 2023 Vmedia Arts is a full service production company located in the San Francisco Bay Area for 35 years. Representing talent on both sides of the curtain and camera. Vmedia has earned both EMMYs and honored with Oscar quality productions. Including the films MILK, RENT, BEE SEASON, THE HULK, XMEN III, ZODIAC and live event FRIENDS OF THE ACADEMY 2012. Vmedia is involved in the SF Bay Area Film and Theatre community. And in 2012 - 2020 - Vmedia now reps Youtube clients. THIS WEB SITE IS ALWAYS UPDATED - SO COME BACK LATER FOR MORE DETAILS - BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE GALLERIES "PROJECTS" LINK FOR A LIST CREDITS OF EVENTS AND PROJECTS FROM OUR PAST, AND NEW ONES ON THE BLOCK FOR 2013- 2023....


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Vmedia Arts
7th Street Berkeley Stages
Berkeley - Oakland, CA 94704
United States


1) Clients and Vmedia actors talent A list of the actors and talent is currently working with: Alessandro Zanet Boston U - Kevin Redrico Actor Musician - Nikita - SF Bay Area Actor singer Derek Wong - Model - MC - Producer Matt - Producer Director - actor UCB Berk Ca
1) Vmedia Arts A&R Photo's Vmedia Web Cast can be seen at the site below The event is not web cast live - but taped or captured Read more information on the lastest features This Month
AMERICAN IDIOT Broadway 2010 AMERICAN IDIOT opened in Berkeley Ca Fall 2009 and moved to its Broadway home The St James theatre NY on March 24th 2010 were we hope it remains til March 2011
2) MILK - The Harvey Milk Bio Pic Was in production Jan - March 08 - at Various SF locations The film was honored with many awards from The Golden Globes to Oscars. It was on many 10 ten lists for 2008. The film was highlighted here in 2008 as we help pitch the many 100's of people that created the crowd scenes in the films.
3) The Matches -  10 YEAR RUN THE MATCHES ENDED THEIR AMAZING 10 YEAR BAY AREA RUN .. WITH A SOLD OUT PERFORMANCE AT SF FILMORE VENUE Vmedia - and promoted them to Hell Cat Records and Epitpah records. their new CD DECOMPOSER dropped 9/9/2006 With Decomposer, the Matches stretch the boundaries of what a rock &roll album can be.
6) Theatre TV Workshops 2006 - 2010 Click here for more details
7) Vtheatre coming winter 2020 Vtheatre produced by Vmedia will feature new Short One Act plays and musicals, Performed by their original creators ,, CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Vtheatre 2020 more details to FOLLOW!!
5) Trannyshack on going Project 2008 - 2012 Everyone who has been to the San Francisco drag night Trannyshack comes away with a story, something that is just so Trannyshack. For drag performer Holy McGrail, it was in March, when drag queen Putanesca kicked off her shoes during an especially exuberant performance of Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly"and one heel flew into the audience, breaking her girlfriend's nose.
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