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Wesley Hall Sculptures

Artist directory :: Wesley Hall Sculptures

Rustic Western sculptures of rusted barbed-wire and metal

Wesley Hall Sculptures


Wesley Hall Sculptures 
I grew up in West Texas surrounded by prickly pears and rattlesnakes and barbed wire fences. Though I respected the qualities of each, I sure never thought of them as having anything to do with art. In this harsh environment, I was hunting for the family table by age 8, so I dealt only with the practical. As I matured I learned that my thinking is mathematical and analytical. But the other side of my brain kept insisting that I create some things that were not just practical. I started working in wood, learning through trial-and-error. I became a successful seller of crafts and collectibles. Then my studio burned to the ground taking all my equipment -- and finished product -- with it. I faced three months of retail shows, for which I'd paid...


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Copper Canyon, TX 76226
United States


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