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James M. Lee's Comic books and Graphic novels

Artist directory :: James M. Lee's Comic books and Graphic novels

This site is a representation of James M. Lee's graphic novel-comic book story art, abstract art, realism art, narrative art and fantasy art.

James M. Lee's Comic books and Graphic novels


James M. Lee 
I find that I must do art. Expressing myself visually has always been a passion of mine. My artwork is both auto-biographically, and stream of consciousness inspired. Being exposed to Disney animation at a very young age, left and indelible mark of cartooning and fantasy on my consciousness. Also I at about that same time our neighbors in Kansas City had an uncle that worked as a cartoonist for Disney. I remember seeing him sitting in the kitchen drawing various Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Along with the cartoon imagination I was given, I also received a heart of a social commentator. I probably received my social commentator heart from various comic books and Mad Magazine. Later I would fall in love with much of the...


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1506 Oak Hill Ave.
Lawrence, KS 66044
United States


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