Our members have a lot of good news to share.

Saturday evening, the Foothills Art Association presented the 2015 Wildlife in Art awards reception. A number of our PSSD members were awarded ribbons. Carol McClure was presented the Barbara McDermott Memorial Award for her Scratchboard work. LJ Crowe recieved the G. Schlesier Award for her pastel, Linda Reyes the Robinson Endangered Species Award for her pastel, "Nola". The awards did not stop there. Susan Mae Hull was given the Marilyn Grame Award, and Anita Plaks and Betty Johnsen each recieved Chrome Digital Gift Certificates. 
Please Check your current issue of the Pastel Journal. Our own Margaret Larlham was presented in the article "Artists to Watch: 7 Painters whose Pstels Made the Critic's List". Jamie Markle critiqued her painting, "In Day of Rain".
Congratulations go out to our members. 


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