Notes from the October Meeting


Jeanne Conant had our Directories ready at the meeting. Contact Jeanne if you haven’t gotten yours yet. We thank Shandel Gamer and Jeanne for getting these to us so quickly.

Valerie Grischy discussed the Pledge of Allegiance.  We use Robert's Rules of Order for our meetings. It was my fault we didn't present the motion carefully. I'm still learning Rob's, note to self,  if we have a formal debate we offer both sides, and then open the floor for a motion or futher discussion. Emotions ran high, but I cut short the out-of-order debate since the majority wanted to keep this for our opening, though it was not unanimous. We can hang on to our passions for now--save that energy for painting!

We also discussed ways to increase the Del Mar Fair pastel categories and we need to hear from you so Valerie can make a petition to present to the Exhibit Director. She is gathering emails from our members.

The benefit of having more categories gives us more chances to enter—currently we can only enter two works within the pastel category. It would be great to have a Landscape, Still Life and Portrait category and even Abstract. Susan Mae Hull also suggested if we offer more Prize Money we may influence further. Currently we offer $100 for the Student Showcase. And we have a volunteer member come one day for a 4-hour demonstration.

 Karen Howard said that the IAPS convention is coming up in June, and the hotel is sold out. We hope Karen will let us know more updates as they happen. We made her our IAPS rep. (I thought she was all along!)

Valorie Barnard reminded us to bring in our accepted work to the San Diego Art Dept on Ray St Oct 11th 9a-noon. Congratulations to all who got in. Check the Juried Show page for all the dates and details.
We are still waiting to hear from Spanish Village about our acceptance into Studio 21 for a Spring Membership Show. We need someone to be a Chair for this show.

Notes on the Demo

Alicia Sotherland gave us a great demonstration! She brought in a value study underpainted with purple for dark and middle values and she used a small black and white photo as a reference. She prefers Blossom Suede mat board, but she used a yellow ochre for her demo, which gave the groundwork of two complimentary colors  a great warm/cool underpainting.

She mentioned that there is no spraying required if you’re using suede board. It retains 95% with a velvety texture and worth the pricey $44 a sheet. She searches for the darkest darks in the shadows with dark brown, then jumps to the highest highlights, the ground being the middle value. She used contrasts in the warm shadows with fleshy color to brick, using hard pastels. The cool lights were turquoise, not white. The main thing is VALUE rather than the right color.

I was totally blown away by her palette—so simple with warms and cools –just a handful of sticks (see the photo). The portrait manifested before our eyes.

Alicia offers private workshops starting at $300 –check out the meetings page to see her website link. She very generously donated her portrait for the raffle prize—the winner, Pat Langan was also a collector of Alicia’s!

We also wish to thank Barbara Bartosik, Twyla Baker, Terri McMurray, Cheryl Revell and Betty Johnsen for bringing refreshments. Betty, Carolyn Teincuff and Carol McClure made a lovely Autumnal Centerpiece for us to enjoy.

We also want to start mentioning in the blog some of our newsletter items—we will be phasing out the newsletter eventually and have this webpage be our newsletter.

For our members who need help accessing this website or emails please get a hold of one of the officers. Shandel has offered  to help all who need some computer coaching—we don’t want anyone to feel left out in this digital age. We will have Pay Pal on this site in the future so that we can pay our dues and fees with a debit or charge card for those who want this convenience.  

Valorie Barnard and Shandel Gamer will be making this, our 25th anniversary annual juried show-- their last as Chairs. We want to thank them in advance for all their efforts and keeping our show alive! And who among us can pick up where they are leaving off?

       More News from Our Members

Margaret Larlham is in a group show “Faces and Figures” at Santa Ysabel Art Gallery, 30352 Highway 78. Opening Saturday, Oct 9, 4pm. Closes Sunday Novembers 7. She will have a solo show there in January featuring plein air work.

Margaret L and I will have our plein air contest winners “Palo Verde Shade” and “Plein Organ” at the Southwestern Artists Assoc through Nov 1, Studio 23 at Spanish Village.

I’ll be giving a lecture “The Art of Trial”  at the San Diego History Center, Thursday Nov 18th, 6:30p (in the Casa de Balboa Building).

I wish to thank those who contributed to this entry: Valorie Barnard for the photos, Margaret Larlham whose meticulous notes were used to help describe the demo.
--Debbie Krentz Johnson


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