Demonstration by: Randy Smith


Randy presented very useful information regarding supplies and suggestions pertaining  to plein air artists at the December 2011 (held in November) meeting.  He reminded artists that one needs to plan ahead with a light, portable studio.  He shared with us his Hellman Design Pastel Backpacker Box with a tripod mount and fitting for a portable easel.

He shared tips on carrying a good selection of half sticks between pieces of memory foam cut to size in a light plastic case.  Another tip was to have a book of tracing paper handy to store the paintings safely if you're painting more than one piece on an outing.

His demo stressed familiarity with the site (in this case a tree and rocks in Joshua Tree Park) with strong attention to contrasts and light, and his process combining sketches on site and photography to aid him later in the studio.  He does careful drawings, and a watercolor underpainting when he can in preparation for the pastel.

Thank You Randy for a very informative demonstration.


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