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The website is fully functioning for exhibits, newsletters, meeting info, blog, links,and roster.   Valorie Barnard is the official Webmaster and Debbie Krentz Johnson is Val's back-up of tending to the Website.   If you know of someone who has not  received an e-newsletter…have information to share via Chalk Talk i.e. an article, art exhibit, awards and/or other bits that our membership might be interested,  please contact us through the website:



REPORT FROM IAPS Margaret Larlham


IAPS Convention, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 2 – 5,2011 

Hello from the heat of New Mexico!  We are having fun and learning lots from strangers and many friends too!  Proud to say, The Pastel Society of San Diego is quite well represented here at this International Association of Pastel Societies gathering. 

On the first evening buffet we were delighted to run into each other.  There was Carol McClure, Betty Johnsen , Carolyn Teincuff and LJ Crowe– who were all adventuring together in an RV,  Susan May Hull  had driven herself by car and Barbara Peterson, Terri McMurray  and Karen Howard  who  I bumped into on the Southwest airlines plane.

Susan brought some of our brochures and included them on the information table.

Karen Howard who has achieved Master Circle membership had two of her stunning still life pieces accepted into the 18th juried show.  She is an inspiration – as was the shared expertize of so many stellar demonstrators and speakers propelling and promoting the art of pastel painting. 

The convention held something for everyone: still life, figurative, landscape, abstract  and a rare chance to meet with these experts.   The Trade Show on the floor of the convention included representatives of all the different vendors of papers & makers of pastels.  What a feast of products.  A common theme to the demonstrations that I attended was the importance of the preparatory planning,  drawing  etc. and the establishment of three contrasting values:  darks – neutral  - light.  Also a startling freedom, alternately layering warm and cool colors,  as long as the values are preserved.  Thought I would pass on these fundamentals – as coming from these versatile experts the notion was refreshed and clarified.   Certainly the work was wonderful!

L-R  Carolyn Teincuff, Betty Johnsen, Carol McClure & LJ Crowe

Back Row: L-R Carolyn Teincuff, Barbara Peterson, Terri McMurray, LJ Crowe, Margaret Larlham & Betty Johnsen.
Front Row L-R Karen Howard, Susan Mae Hull & Carol McClure

Richard McKinley, Master Pastelist
Demonstrating at IAPS





Pastel Art Class with Award winning instructor Barbara Peterson
La Mesa Adult Enrichment Center
8450 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa, CA    Tel:  (619)667-1322 

September 12 – December 5, 2011
Fall Semester  $18
Mondays   8:00am to 11:00am 

Register online starting August 17, 2011:





"Sandpiper" by Glen Maxion
Glen Maxion's painting "Sandpiper" has been accepted in the Pastel Society of America 39th Annual Exhibition at the National Art Club in New York, NY.  Glen is a signature member of PSA. The Show runs September 6, through October 1, 2011.
Glen also has 10 paintings on display at 4311 Gallery at San Diego Hospice through
August 26th.

"A Sunny Spot"
Valorie Barnard was awarded a 3rd Place at the Catnip Connection a Juried Show in Gallery 21, Spanish Village.
Currently Val  also has five paintings on display at "Third Friday in Coronado" in the Executive Suites.  Show runs August 15 through September 10, 2011 and is sponsored by St. Clair Gallery and Coronado Plaza.  Reception Friday evening August 19th from 5:30 to 8:00pm.  1330 Orange Ave., Coronado, CA.





 Welcome to all New and Continuing Members! 

 Congratulations-Kudos-and a great big WOW to all who participated in:  The two (2) Membership Shows,  the 25th Annual Open Juried Show, San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, IAPS online exhibit and IAPS 2011 Convention.  I hope this will inspire more of our members to compete next year, there are many opportunities local and National.

Our new 2nd V.P. of  Membership ,is B.J. Mulvey.  Thanks for stepping up B.J. we look forward to working with you.   Our refreshment Chairs,  Betty Johnsen, Carolyn Teincuff and Carol McClure have re-volunteered.  We all enjoy the little snippet of time for refreshments and short visits with fellow members.  

The Pastel Society of San Diego the one organization that pastel artists can go to for information and support.   

We have made the digital transition and no longer have a printed newsletter.  Please keep the Membership VP BJ Mulvey advised of any changes especially  e-mail addresses. 

A request for space in Gallery 21 for the 26th Annual Open Juried Show is now being processed.  The information will be passed on as soon as we have a date.      

 Val & I met for lunch at City Deli in North Park last week and spoke to Michael one of the owners.  After explaining that we were artist and with the PSSD he offered to be one of our sponsors with a tray of desserts for the reception.  Thank You Michael.  Also, Val place another order for 11 name badges which will be available at our next meeting.

Welcome to new members Sylvia Hatcher and Randy Smith. 

Happy Painting to All,  

Debbie Krentz Johnson
President 2010-2012


Lunching at City Deli/ Debbie -L

President Debbie Krentz Johnson & Webmaster Valorie Barnard
meeting over lunch at City Deli.

Michael Wright, City Deli

City Deli Partner Michael Wright our new sponsor for the Spring 2012
Annual Open Juried Show.  



AWARD WINNERS San Diego Co Fair in Del Mar-2011


Race to the Fair

"The Race" 
Artist:  Karen Howard
Awarded 2nd Place 
Category:  Themed Art

Tangerine-Karen Howard

Artist:  Karen Howard
Awarded Honorable Mention
Category:  Colored Drawing

a is for apple2 - Terri McMurray

"a is for apple2" 
Artist:  Terri McMurray
Donated Award:  Gavin Family Law

Bowl of Cherries - Terri McMurray

"Bowl of Cherries"
Artist:  Terri McMurray
Awarded Honorable Mention
Category:  Colored Drawing

Grapes 2 - Terri McMurray

"Grapes 2"
 Artist:  Terri McMurray
Awarded 1st Place 
Category:  Miniatures

The Looking Glass-Phebe Burnham

"The Looking Glass"
Artist:  Phebe Burnham
Donated Award from the San Diego Portrait Society

"Dia De Los Muertos" 
Artist:  Phebe Burnham
Awarded 1st Place  
Category:   Mixed Media

"Foggy Day, Yosemite Valley"
Artist:  Juli Ricksecker
Awarded 3rd Place
Category:  Soft Ground Etching

"Rocky Point"
Artist:  Ray Ferdorchak
Awarded:  2nd Place
Category:  Pastel


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