Dusty Fingers Challenge 2016

 Internet search for inspiration yielded this Casey Klahn . Arrangement with Milk Bottle

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Dusty Fingers Challenge #3



To: Members of the San Diego Pastel Society

Please let Margaret Larlham know if you want to participate at  larlham@mac.com


Dusty Fingers Challenge #3: A Fresh Take on Still Life


The challenge is to break habit of what or how we approach still life. Are there unusual household objects that would be fun to work on? Or is there new technique materials or approach  you have been meaning to try that might be interesting for this subject?


As before participating pastel artists will gather to share and discuss their approaches and  vote for the most interesting or outstanding  pieces. This time we move to La Mesa!

When and where:

Foothills Gallery

LA MESA WALKABOUT First Wednesday in January 2017

Jan 4 2017, from 4:00 – 6:30



Members of the public are welcome to drop in to the open meeting see the various pastelists showing their latest still life work.


We strongly encourage all artists to try this medium and join the Pastel Society of San Diego.

We strongly encourage collectors to consider including pastel - this most permanent of all media!

Pastel Society of San Diego Website: http://www.zhibit.org/pssd

For more information please contact Margaret Larlham at larlham@mac.com



From Margaret Larlham PSSD

Email: larlham@mac.com

June 2016


Double Challenge! Dusty Fingers Fishbowl and Pop-up Small Images show.

Date: For September 2, 2016, 4 pm – 7pm

Place: Cue One productions studio at Liberty Station.



Members are invited to work on PEOPLE - portraits, figures, groups (unframed or framed) – to show to fellow pastelists at the 2nd Dusty Fingers Fishbowl Meeting.

The meeting will be held in the Cue One Studio at NTC Liberty Station. You probably know that the first Friday of every month is open studio night at Liberty station and all the galleries are open for people to visit. It would be interesting to have people peeping into our “fishbowl” sharing of pastel examples.


Besides invigorating our member’s artistry, this open challenge will be good exposure for the Society and may attract new members as well. (You are aware of the draw on the WC society and quilt shows - so a few of their followers might spill our way).


Challenge participants may also bring a framed small image piece to display in a pop-up show in one corner of the studio. A pop up show for the evening might attract buyers or certainly more exposure for artists!

Please email me to be put on the list if you wish to participate.  I will update you on the list and further details at the beginning of August (Last time there was a group of 12 which worked well.)

But in the meantime have a happy summer working on PEOPLE!


Margaret Larlham

Pastel Society of San Diego

Dusty Fingers Challenge                                                                
 January 14. 2016


Water Lilies by Monet


Our first Dusty Fingers Challenge will focus on the subject of WATER.

Members of all levels of experience are invited to participate and submit a pastel painting of any size.

Inspirations might be: Nature - sea, rivers, lakes, ponds, mist, rain or possibly engineered, garden or domestic containments of this omnipresent yet mysterious liquid.

This Liz Haywood Sullivan Preview I found on YouTube might inspire:


The challenge concludes with a meeting at an exciting venue. Susan Mae Hull has offered us a meeting room in her new Ladybug Art Gallery and Studios in Kensington.

All welcome to bring, share and discuss aspects of the challenge at this special event.

Thursday, January 14, 2016,

Time: 11am -1pm

Address: 4685 Biona. San Diego. 92116.  (Phone  Susan at 619 563-0082)


To add incentive and fun, participants each contribute $5 or $10 to a communal pot which will form “prize” money. Participating members have 2 votes each to determine the most noteworthy work of the challenge, awarded at the end of the meeting. Selected images may be photographed and displayed on PSSD website through webmaster.


Please email Margaret Larlham to confirm that you  will join in and attend or if you need further clarification: larlham@mac.com