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The Meetings are now closed.

Special Announcement: Our April 26th general meeting is cancelled due to San Diego County Covid-19 guidelines. We will post our June 7th confirmation General Meeting when we get the "all clear". Our National Juried Show is online only due to Balboa Park and Spanish Village closures. Click here to see it.


Our  Sunday Feb 2, 2020 meeting Krentz Johnson did do a step-by-step demo of preparing artwork for digital entries. Wesaw how a painting can be photographed for optimal quality, then uploaded to the computer and formatted for contest regulations. We did an actual entry through Showsubmit. Members are encouraged to bring in their unframed art for photographing entries.

Wild Mallow, Pastel, 32x40"
Our Demo Artist for Oct 6 meeting is Margaret Larlham.
Margaret Larlham’s pastel work has garnered national and international attention. She is a signature artist of the Pastel Society of America and is a Masters Circle Pastelist of the International Association of Pastel Societies. 

A constant plein air painter, she was awarded First Place in the Borrego Springs Invitational Plein Air 2018 Festival and participated  recently in an international group exhibition with the Berlin-Brandenberg Plein Air Group.

Now a full time artist she includes influences of her career as dancer, choreographer, theatre director, and teacher at Natal University in South Africa and at San Diego State University. Website:

Margaret Larlham shared her painting technique at our October meeting. Using several reference photos of buckwheat and plant life from Mission Trails park, she demonstrated her process from a value sketch through underpainting and applying her initial layer of soft pastels.

We were excited to see so many new members and visitors at our August 4th meeting. Christine Bowman shared her outdoor set up, where she likes to paint and told about the many workshops she has taken both in the US and abroad.
Minnie Valero showed us her many sketchbooks and encouraged daily sketching. She also discussed her four experiences with artist residencies in Europe. Link to programs.
Debbie closed the afternoon discussion by sharing her own backpack and easel setup as well as some background on plein air.

NOTICE:   Our next general Meeting is August 4th at 2pm at the Mission Valley branch library Community Room. There will not be a June meeting.

Mike Ishikawa  did two landscapes, in less than 90 minutes.The first was a snow scene photo he took while skiing in Mammoth.  The second was a seascape in Laguna. Mike emphasized the art of interpreting the photo or plein air subject so that the artist can emphasize an area and control being too busy. We were treated to a raffle of his Mammoth painting. 
He is a member of the Southern California Pastel Society and Pacific Arts Guild.

See more about Mike Ishikawa click here for his website.

Afternoon Social in Pink, Lyndelle Stonick

On December 9th. Lyndelle Stonick was our  demo artist. We watched Lyndelle do an underpainting and glazes with Pan Pastel.

Lyndelle has a fine sensibility to capture the light and color of her subjects, adept at conveying subtle variations in hue and temperature, in oil, pastel and watercolor. She has excelled in drawing, painting , printmaking and as a fine jeweler. She has been gifted with a talent for art since early childhood, and won countless First Place and Best of Show ribbons. Lyndelle is a Fine Art honors graduate from CSUF. She has been a 7 year exhibitor at the prestigious Laguna Beach Festival of Arts . Her work has been shown internationally, in prominent galleries as well as in art institutes and museums, including Siena Art Institute in Italy, and in Oceanside , Laguna Beach and San Luis Obispo Art Museums. Stonick has been featured in art books, newspapers and publications such as Southwest Art. She has written articles for magazines , produced her own Pastel DVD and appeared on KOCE. Lyndelle is also recognized for her teaching ability and has taught art classes for Saddleback College since 1995. Art organizations seek her expertise as a demonstrator and judge. She was the founder and first president of the USPA Pastel Society.

On  Sunday, June 3, 2018 we watched an instructional video by Liz Haywood-Sullivan on plein air painting. 

Bonnie Hinelin-Kempner  was our April 8th demo artist. We watched a sea scape composition. The completed painting was exhibited at our Annual Juried Show.
Bonnie was the First Place Winner in last year's San Diego County Fair for pastels. She has taken workshops from Daniel Green, Albert Handel, Sally Strand and more. Gil Dellinger taught her to do large pastels. 

Linda Reyes
was  our February 4th demo artist at the Pt Loma/Hervey branch Public Library. We enjoyed a great demo on surface comparison, equipment review and step by step pastel painting. We thank you, Linda!

We want to thank Leslie Sweetland for a most informative demonstration during our December meeting. She shared her process from Notan to completed painting. This was the first exposure to Green Earth pastels for our members.

Our October 1st demonstrator was the outstanding plein air artist, Christine Bowman. 
"My love of travel inspires many of my Pastel Paintings.  I enjoy local plein air painting in Southern California and the San Pasqual Valley area near my home. My Photographs were taken on various trips to Europe including France, Italy, England, Scotland & Ireland and my home country of Australia." Christine's website.

Our August 6th General Meeting held nominations and elected the board for 2017-18. Our Program was the instruction video, Liz Haywood-Sullivan "Water and Reflections".

Debbie Krentz Johnson was our June 4th demo artist. She made pastels from base materials of gum tragacanth, clay and pigment.Her website is

April Demo Artist: Thank you Art Faxas! Art shared three paintings painted on velour paper, his preferred surface. He spoke about painting hair and the texture of animal fur.

 For our February 5th meeting we had  an instruction video.  To see more info on Liz Haywood 

Our members never disappoint us with their wonderful contributions to our annual Holiday Potluck. Thank you Mike Ishikawa for a very informative and inspiring landscape demonstration. Mike explained how he mounts his Uart 500 paper to poster board for easier handling. He went on to use watercolor as an underpainting before finishing his painting with his pastels. Christine Bowman had kindly posted Mike's process on our PSSD Facebook Page.He is a member of the Southern California Pastel Society and Pacific Arts Guild.

The handy Judy Manuche demonstrated the construction of a clever travel or plein air box using simple materials and very few tools. The box not only holds the pastels, but the top becomes an easel. Karen Howard shared the Airfloat system for mailing accepted paintings to international exhibitions. She also talked a bit about IAPS, Pastel Society of America and the Wetcanvas website.

Thank you, Dawn Secord, for sharing your tips on working on a pet commissions! Dawn gave a wonderful demonstration on painting animal fur, in this particular instance, otter fur.

JUNE 5th Meeting  demo artist was Helen Shafer Garcia.
 Helen did a multimedia work, using watercolor and pastel.  Visit her website.

Thank you Helen Shafer Garcia! Helen demonstrated her technique for using a watercolor underpainting. Once the paper was dry, she completed the painting in pastels. 

On April 3rd Dot Renshaw.... Dot gave a jam-packed demo for equipment review, academics and trouble-shooting a painting. She also critiqued paintings brought to the meeting by members.

Our Super Bowl Sunday demonstrator  was Judy Manuche. She chose to demo her process for portrait painting. Judy prefers to use Pastelmat paper for her portrait work, and uses Rembrandt pastels.

Our October demonstrator was award winning, Australian born artist, Christine Bowman. Christine shared information about her trip to NY to visit Lana Gruer, see the PSA show and take a Stan Sperlak workshop. For her demo, she chose a limited palette and proceeded to paint two pastels using a black and white photo reference.

This month our guest was popular art teacher, juror and award winning artist, Annette Paquet. She was asked to critique our members' paintings and in the process discussed composition, value, and gradation.  Her critiques are always very informative. Thank you, Annette!

Carol McClure
Carol McClure presented a very informative program introducing our members and guests to the art of scratch board. She explained the surfaces and tools that can be used. Carol was able to formulate a process for successful application of pastel to the scratch board picture. Thank you for such an interesting and informative program.

Misty Hawkins, art teacher with the community college district, presented a portrait demonstration. Her technique includes extensive use of pastel pencils for both fine details and for blending. Her work can be viewed on her website,

Our August guest artist was Linda Reyes, who demonstrated the art of painting the ocean with Pan Pastels. She prefers to work on a white, sanded background when painting waves. Thank you, Linda!

Our June demonstrator was Judy Manuche. She is known for her animal portraits, particularly those of dogs. This was well received as many of our members specialize in  painting animals. Judy began her program with a how-to make your own pastel carrier, made from art supplies and hardward bought at Rockler Woodworking. .

Lyndelle Stonick was our April guest demonstrator. She is a well known teacher and plein air artst. Today, she shared her technique for painting with Pan Pastels on UArt 800 paper. Thank you!

Margaret Larlham
We want to thank member, Margaret Larlham, for a lively demo on the importance of value over color. She is best known for her award winning plein air paintings. Today, she showed another side to her talents. She applied her value knowledge to a still life painting...a body of water.

Sally Phillips brought along examples of her portraits and dramatic skies. She uses a paper with a smooth finish, not a sanded paper. She demonstrated her process for painting portraits. Thank you, Sally~

Because of a scheduling conflict with our demonstrator, we had to improvise our
meeting demo for October. On the spur of the moment, we induced Glen
Maxion to share some of his latest works and what he was exhibiting
lately. He just happened to have an ipad at the ready and we were
treated to works he has in shows or finishing up works from this
summer. We had an informal conversation and all enjoyed the casual
dialogue Glen shared with us. Thanks, Glen! 

Joan Grine gave us a great demo for our August General Meetiong. She is an active member of the Offtrack Gallery in Encinitas and the COAL Gallery in Oceanside. Her artwork is featured in those two galleries. She leads a plein air group with San Diegito Art Guild and teaches pastel painting in her home and at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

For our June meeting, Michael Steirnagle, a popular professor from Palomar College, demonstrated the art of the pastel portrait. He generously shared his color theory and technique with the many PSSD members and guests.

A PSSD favorite is a critique session with San Diego Community Colleges' Annette Paquet. Her lively discussions about composition, color and art history provide great inspiration. Thank you, Annette!

Debbie Kretnz Johnson entertained us with stories and drawings of her adventures as a court room artist. She also demonstrated her technique with a portrait demonstration of our president, Cheryl Revell. Thank you, Debbie!

Thank you to all the members who
joined in this year's holiday pot luck.
PSSD member, Minnie Valero, entertained
us with her many artist's sketchbooks.
She also shared her experiences as artist
in residence in Budapest, Hungary this past

There was a special presentation by
 Mary Aslin on Tuesday, October
 23rd. She is an award winning pastel
 artist who  is known for her beautiful
 floral and figurative still life paintings.

  Rodger Heglar was our October demonstrator. He shared the secrets to painting with oil pastels.


Our August 5th demonstrator was PSSD member Glen Maxion. He has a background in anatomy and sculpture, so much of his work focuses on the human form. Glen is well known for his gestural style, often depicting young people in beach scenes. Thank you, Glen!

On June 4th, member Art Simpson shared his process of composing a painting. Thank you Art!

OUR  April 1st  Demo was  Artist and Teacher,
Barbara Peterson. We thank Barbara for an
 informative  demonstration. Visit Barbara's

OUR February 5th demo Artist was  Minni Valero. We hope she can come and talk again soon! Her sketchbooks are fabulous!

Thanks to Randy Smith for a great demo at the Holidy Pot Luck meeting
 We  thank him for his Plein Air demonstration with equipment tips!

 We thank   Annette Lotuso Paquet for a great critique on OCTOBER 2nd.Annette is Art Professor with Mira Costa College and the San Diego Community Colleges.   She demonstrates for workshops, and judges for various artist guilds.

August 7th demo artist was Drew Bandish who demonstrated placing figures in landscapes. We thank Drew for another great demo. He donated an original watercolor and pastel paper for our lucky raffle winners.

Our June 26th meeting Guest speaker was Marilyn Grame. We raffled her demo of a pastel on pastelbord, a portrait of a crane.

Our April Meeting demo speaker were Margaret Larlham with Debbie Krentz Johnson. We thank them for a Plein Air demo!

Our  February 2011 Demo artist was Karen Howard.  To learn more
about Karen & her art click here:

 Our December 5 demonstrator was Raul Espinoza.

October 3rd demonstrator was Alicia Sotherland. We enjoyed her portrait lesson! See the October blog for more details.